Why Do Dogs Put Their Head on You?

You perhaps have one of those small adorable pooches that love to lay their head on your feet, knee, or arm, and you wonder why they do that. Are they having itching ears and want to solve the problem by pressing their head on you? Are they trying to tell you they miss a dog walk? What are they trying to communicate? Maybe you have been pondering those questions, and now you want to know what exactly the reason behind that dog behavior is.

Good enough, the answer is impressive. Your pooch loves you. If you have tried to follow the pattern, you probably realize your pup doesn’t rest their head on strangers or dog sitter.

Because they love you, the following reasons will make them lay their head on your lap.

Why Do Dogs Put Their Head on You

1. Desire for Attention

Dogs are very social animals. Their ancestors who lived in the wild stayed in groups and so dogs still have the same desire even though another dog or a human being can only give that attention. Leaving the dog for hours when you are at work makes them anxious, wondering whether you will come back, and that could make them lay their head on you.

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2. When Stressed

Your dog may be stressed. To find out if its stress making your pup to behave so, look for these signs: whimpering or yowling, agitation, and anxiety on their faces. Is that the case? If yes, there is something you need to address. On the contrary, depression can make your dog stop laying their head on you when you come home.

3. Need for Affection

The major reason people buy dogs is to give and get affection. Dogs are naturally affectionate. However, the level of affection dog A will need is not the same as that of dog B because it is dependent on history, breed, socialization, and other factors? The point is every dog will need some level of affection, and because of that, we must give them that pet they need and show love to them.

4. They Want to Eat

Does your dog lay their head on you when you are eating a delicious meal? Could be they want you to share. They are not as mannered as most human beings, and if you are keen, you will realize they are looking at your food.  However, you can train them to have some manners because even when they have enough food, they can be very greedy.

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5. They are Feeling Cold

Unlike human beings, dogs have coats that protect them from cold. However, that does not mean they can’t feel it. Mainly when it’s too cold, for instance, during winter, your dog may lay their head on you to get some heat. If you have several dogs, you will notice they cuddle when sleeping to keep each other warm. When there are no other dogs your pup can cuddle with, they will come over to you.


There are many reasons dogs will lay their head on you. Some of these have been discussed, and you can dig further to discover more. Hopefully, your question has been answered.

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