Oster A5 Dog Clipper Review [2021 Buying Guide]

Pet hair feels nice when it has grown. Its slippery, soft and sleek feel makes the pet keep feel wonderful and comfortable. If left to grow indefinitely, it may not be healthy to your dog and it is for this reason why trimming excess hair off the cat’s body is necessary.

Oster A5 Dog Clipper

This Oster pet clipper is a wonderful dog trimmer that ensures there is a complete trimming of the pet’s hair. It is made with the ability to trim smoothly to ensure your dog is safe and perfect looking. Made with a blade of size ten, it cuts a mid-size hair level making your dog look neat and well-groomed. Here is a comprehensive Oster A5 Dog Clipper review and a buying guide.

Oster A5 Clipper

The Oster A5 Dog Clipper is a fast, efficient, and easy to use way to groom your pets. Here are the top features that makes this product the ultimate choice for a professional who wishes to clip or groom pets and livestock.

Choose from 2-Speeds

Choose from 2 speeds to trim with the rate you want. With two speeds of 2,700 SPM and Lo – 2,100 SPM, you can get the job done within a very short time. The blade is detachable so if you have other types of sizes and guard combs, you can determine the level of hair to cut through.

Blades are sharp and made with enough precision for perfect turning and making of fine cuts. It works smoothly, silently and doesn’t cause any discomfort to the cat so you enjoy excellent outcomes at all times.

Designed to offer smooth operations

The handle is made with lines and threads for maximum gripping so that you can shave the dog without the machine slipping off your hand. It is made from steel so it is virtually unbreakable even when used on the toughest pet hair.

With a long flexible power cord, you can simply move around as you shave your pet without leaving any untrimmed parts on your pet. The result is that you will achieve the uniformity that you want.

Consumes only less than 100 volts when working

This appliance is very economical as it consumes less than 120 volts to work. This means even with frequent use, you will not see an increase in electricity bills at any time. You can adjust the size to ensure you cut the level of hair that you want. Very easy to clean because once you take a brush and rub its blade, all the hair falls off. Its sharpness cuts hair without spreading the hair around your house. You should apply oil before and after the session. If well-used and maintained, it can last for many years leading to long service.

It is attached with screws to ensure the blade remains in position no matter how hard the pet hair is. You can also unscrew the blade to clean any build-up dirt inside. At the end of its tail, near the attachment of the power cord, there is a vent that releases heat.

This one is good because it prevents your machine from overheating which might ruin its efficiency. As long as you any Oster blade, you can simply interchange it with the one you are using. One of the most used blade even on large pets like horses and large dogs. You can as well use it to trim cat hair.


  • The clipper delivers 3,000 to 4,000 strokes per minute.
  • It has a wide blade sweep that facilitates faster clipping.
  • The clipper comes with A5 blade system facilitates easy blade changing.
  • Comes with datable 10 CryogenX blade, clipper grease, blade oil, replacement carbon brushes, and more.


  • The clipper heats up when used for a long time.

Oyster A5 Clippers: Buying Guide 

As many people are not aware of the features to look for when buying a dog’s hair trimmer, it is likely for people to make the wrong choice. In this guide, you will see the relevant factors to look for when buying a pet trimmer. Always make sure you take your time and read even the reviews from previous users to avoid buying the wrong product.

Check for the blades are they detachable or adjustable

This is a feature that determines how you will get the different hair sizes on your pet’s body. For the adjustable blades, it is only one blade fixed but you can regulate the sizes to cut different levels of hair. You don’t need to remove the blade and attach another one.

For the detachable one, you have to attach various sizes of blades for you to achieve the hair level variation on your pet’s body. Both types are competent but the adjustable one is more convenient compared to the other one.

Look at the speeds the machine can operate on

A machine with 2 speeds is always the best because it gives you the autonomy to choose the rate at which you would like to shave your pet. A machine with two speeds to choose from is always the best because it enables you to choose what is good for your pet. For example, you may use a different speed for the head hair and use another speed for the tail hair.

Working condition and smoothness

While the machine is working, it is always good to ensure you check its efficiency. A machine that works quietly is always good because it will not distract the pet when shaving it. A quite working machine normally cuts with maximum precision. The blades are sharp and can cut perfectly where directed.

Shaving a pet may take a lot of time so a lightweight machine that weighs hundreds of grams is okay. A heavy machine will make you get tired easily. Most pet trimmers are made to work without spreading hair around the residence so make sure the machine you are buying also works with that efficiency.

Choose between a cord and cordless trimmer

For purposes of conveniences, make sure you go for a cordless trimmer. The cordless trimmer is excellent because you can cut the hair of the pet while moving around. A corded trimmer will be difficult to use especially if the dog or pet jumps from one point to another.

That cord my limit your autonomy to shave the pet as you would like to. The cordless one normally has a battery that can be recharged. The battery must be fully charged before you start using it for purposes of competency.

Wrap up

Dog clipper is always necessary if you want to keep your dog neat and healthy. Dog’s hair normally harbors parasites if not well-trimmed and if left to overgrow. Always make sure you get the best dog trimmer that will cut the hair without harming your pet. We hope this Oster A5 Dog Clipper review and buying guide will help you choose the right product.

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