How Often Should You Bathe a Beagle

Beagle dogs have beautiful coats that are easy to care of, but they tend to get messy and smelly because of the dog’s natural hunting instincts. They don’t require the complicated grooming such as other long-haired breeds.

This breed has a sensitive skin that makes it prone to conditions such as dryness and other skin allergies. This can be made worse by washing it with detergents like shampoos and soaps can cause irritant and a frequent wash. These can strip its skin off its natural oils. With that in mind, you can wonder ask yourself how often you can wash your beagle dog?

You should only bath your pup for every two to six months for you to maintain the balance between hygiene and skin health. If you are a beagle owner, you know that cleaning your pooch every couple of months is impossible, especially if you stay in a muddy place or wet climate. In simple terms, if a small legged friend destroys its skins in with mud, you will need to wash them a bath outside of the regular bathing schedule.

However, due to its skin condition, there are a few things you are supposed to know in order for their bathing and grooming regime to be happy and healthy.

How Often Should You Bathe a Beagle

How to wash your Beagle?

Wet your pooch’s coat

The first step is to wet your pup’s fur with the sink sprayer or shower. When doing this, you should ensure that the intensity and water heat is at a minimum.

This means that the water you are using should be lukewarm and if you are using a shower, you don’t want to scare your pooch off with the jets. So you will only have to turn the shower halfway so what you have is a gentle trickle rather than intense spray. Besides it is also essential to get the temperature of water right because not only do you risk harming dog with burns but you even risking to scare it away and making it associates bathing with unpleasant memories and sensations.

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Use dog shampoo

Ensure you get a specialist dog shampoo and use your fingers to leather and to work the soap into the coat. Beagles usually have extra sensitive skin which is why as soap-free shampoo is there the only option.

Rinse shampoo away

When rinsing the shampoo out, ensure that you repeat the process as many times as necessary to get all the dirt out.

Apply a specialist dog conditioner

Once you get rid of all the shampoo, you should get the specialist dog conditioner, especially the one formulated for dogs to avoid skin problems and allergic reactions for your pooch. Ensure that you apply it evenly to the coat you brush it through the wide-tooth comb.

Dry you pooch thoroughly

You need to dry your dog thoroughly to avoid that nasty wet smell. Dry your pooch with either hairdryer on the lowest setting or towel

Though you should keep in mind that skin problems and allergic reaction that come with owning this breed, bathing them can be a rewarding bond experience that will help to keep your pooch squeaky clean and free from infection. With any dog breed, it is crucial to strike that balance between not enough grooming unlimited grooming. While it is also essential to make sure that you are pooch is cleaning, tidy and healthy and remember that over bathing can cause its issues, making it automatically more counter-productive.

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