How Harmful could it be for Dogs to eat wasabi?

Can a dog eat wasabi? Can this stuff hurt the dog’s stomach and mouth? These are common questions among pet dog owners.

Generally, wasabi used as a powerful food spice. It is associated with outstanding health benefits to humans, but its spiciness can make an adult tear up. Such harsh spices are not recommended for pets like dogs. Accumulating scientific evidence reveals that feeding your dog wasabi can result in an acute gastrointestinal disturbance.

How Harmful could it be for Dogs to eat wasabi

Is wasabi good for your dog?

Wasabi is hot and spicy and can make the dog’s sinuses explode! But does that mean it is bad, your pet?

In humans, studies reveal that wasabi has anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, it helps with asthma, neurodegenerative infections, and allergies. Wasabi contains vitamin C, potassium, and calcium. These are some of the reasons this natural spice considered very healthy for humans. Unfortunately, there is no sufficient scientific evidence to show that wasabi offers the same benefits to your dog.

So, is this spice toxic for your furry buddies? Wasabi plant is a popular member of the Brassicaceae family. Other common plants that belong to this family include mustard, cabbage, horseradish, and more. Though wasabi might not be toxic for your dog, that doesn’t mean that you should feed your dog this spicy plant.

As mentioned earlier, wasabi is hot and spicy. That means it can negatively impact your favorite pooch’s digest system, particularly if he overeats wasabi. If you have ever tasted wasabi, you already know that it produces searing heat and can result in a burning sensation in mouth, gas, and in the worst-case scenario, cause diarrhea.

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Signs your pooch has eaten wasabi

Dogs are playful and can sometimes access things you don’t want him or her to. If your pooch licks spicy things like wasabi, you definitely know from the body language. Here are the common signs your dog has eaten wasabi.

  • Frequent lip licking
  • Sneezing profusely
  • Rubbing mouth, face, and snout on the floor as if the pet is attempting to get rid of some weird taste from its mouth
  • Ears drop
  • Running around with its tail between its legs
  • Drinking lots of water

If your dog accidentally eats wasabi, you will know if only you pay attention to the pet’s behavior. Once you are absolutely sure that the pet has eaten wasabi, respond appropriately. Note that a small sliver of this spicy plant cannot cause serious harm to your dog. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what your dog eats.

Here are important steps you must take the moment you realize that your dog has got hold of wasabi.

  • Eliminate wasabi leftover from the dog’s mouth
  • Rinse the pet’s snout and mouth with water
  • Monitor the pet’s behavior
  • Provide sufficient water for the pet
  • In case your dog has a bad reaction to wasabi, contact a veterinarian, and get it checked.

Accumulating scientific evidence suggests that wasabi peas are an excellent source of Vitamin B, iron Vitamin A, fibers, and Vitamin K for pets. Does that mean your dog can eat the? The simplest answer is no. These peas are not recommended for dogs with kidney problems. If consumed in high quantities, they can cause challenges in the pet’s digestive system. Generally, wasabi peas are snacks (crunchy), and as much as you want to give your dog these snacks, they are not safe.

Sometimes, foods such as sushi come with wasabi. If you order such foods, keep a keen eye on your pet. Make sure that your dog doesn’t eat that food. Remember, your pet can snatch food quickly. So, store the food somewhere your pet cannot reach.

The moment you realize that your furry buddy has eaten wasabi, don’t panic. This stuff isn’t toxic. However, it can cause discomfort and digestion-related problems. Contact a vet or a trusted animal ER if the pet has eaten a large amount of wasabi.

If the dog ate a small amount of wasabi, just relax. Though your buddy will experience discomfort, they will eventually be okay. The point is, keep your dog away from wasabi. And the pet eats wasabi accidentally, take the steps discussed, and your pet will relax.

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