Can Dogs Eat Granola?

Eating healthy is not a current invention as people think. But it can be dated back to the second half of the 19 Century when humans started been conscious of a healthy diet. Therefore eating healthy has been around for some years. In 1863, the first cereals for breakfast were invented.

This was followed by a successive invention of various diet meals like whole grains and nuts. Today, you can get granola anywhere because they are famous for being ideal for breakfast in addition to having healthy elements.

Therefore probably you think if dogs can also eat granola? The little buddy stares at you when you are enjoying your granola bar, and you feel sorry for them, and so you want to know whether you can give them a piece. The truth is, human needs and dog needs are different in many ways. You may think because some food is healthy for you, it will also be healthy for your dog. That may be true, and it may not.

Besides, chewing is a habit dog’s love. And you may be thinking a granola bar will be very much appreciated. Dogs will be happy chewing a treat, but what matters is what the treat contains. So let’s see if dogs can have granola.

Can Dogs Eat Granola

Can Dogs Eat Granola

Brown rice and rolled oats are the major components in granola. These elements are healthy for the dog as long as they are given in the right proportions. Even dog foods have whole grains to provide the dog with fiber and carbohydrates. But the granola you eat should not be given to the dog because it contains a lot of fiber.

If you feed the dog with your granola, the high fiber content makes it hard for the digestive system of the dog to break it down, causing diarrhea. This may make you spend if it is severe and who wants to spend unnecessarily? You don’t want that; therefore, let’s see what granola is made of.

Elements to Consider in a Granola

Like human beings, dogs can suffer allergies from nuts, which are the main elements in granola. A dog cannot easily digest fatty nuts like pecans and macadamias. So, it is not advisable to feed your dog with nut-filled granola.

Harmful Elements

Raisins are some of the elements that make granola, and they are harmful to dogs. When a dog feeds on raisins or grapes, it can lead to kidney failure, which is fatal. Chocolate in granola is also not good for the dog, so always avoid it. Dogs should also not feed on sweetened granola because the sweeteners can cause the dog to vomit and diarrhea, making you spent money on paying a veterinary doctor.

Granola is Not Healthy for Dogs

While granola is healthy food for humans, when it comes to dogs, it is not healthy. It is always advisable to stick to dog meals and avoid feeding your dog with foods not made for them. This may be hard to avoid because you would love to give treats to your lovely dog, but it ensures your dog lives a long healthy life. Take time and search the internet for ingredients contained in the regular granola you take. You will find that they contain the harmful components shown in this article.

However, in case you can’t avoid giving granola to your dog, it is good you ensure it has the right components. As stated earlier, some elements in the typical store-purchased granola are harmful to the dog. For that reason, if you feel you want to treat your dog with a little granola, you should prepare one using elements you know are healthy and safe for them.

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Preparing Granola by Yourself

Look for granola ingredients that are safe for the dog then prepare a treat for them. Peanut butter is a favorite for dogs, and so you can quickly get peanut butter granola recipes. Moreover, you can opt for homemade peanut butter as one from the market contains additives such as sugar and preservatives.

Peanut butter, low-fat yogurt, almond milk, eggs, shredded dry blueberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and rolled oats are some of the ingredients you can use. Raisins should never be part of the meal.

Final Words

Granolas are excellent for breakfast, and when you top it up with some peanut butter, you can’t help but ask yourself if your dog can have it too. The answer to whether dogs can eat granola is yes and no. It is yes if the healthy and safe dog ingredients are used in making the treats, and it is no if it is store-bought granola because of the reasons discussed above.

If you would like to treat your dog, then you should make homemade granola. That way, you will be sure your dog is eating healthy food. You can also consult your veterinary doctor if you are not sure what ingredients to use. Also, the fact that you can make healthy granolas for your dog does not mean they should eat granolas daily.

These are treats and should be eaten in moderation. Treats should count for 10% of a dog’s daily intake. 90% should be dog food. If you change that, you can expect to see the vet often and to go to dog sellers very soon because you will part ways with your dog earlier.

It is always preferable to have your dog eat foods manufactured for them. Before you feed them with foods made for humans, you should ask yourself these questions: Would you feed on dog food? The truth is, you are wondering why this question.

You probably think who would eat food made from dead stuff. Then, why do you desire to give your dog food made for humans? I’m afraid that’s not right. Even when what you consume is healthy for a dog, the proportions you eat are not the same for dogs. Therefore you should care for your dog the way you care for yourself.

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