Can cats Eat French fries?

Are French fries have health benefits for your cats

It is unsurprisingly that veterans do not recommend French fries in your cats’ daily diet. Still, there are reasons why no single dietician has ever suggested that patients shouldconsume large amounts of French fries. French fries are empty calories to humans, and they are even emptier for your pets.

How can French fries be less nutritious to the cats than they are for human beings? As animals who have evolved relying on starchy snacks like nuts, seeds, root vegetables and potatoes, humans are well adapted to process carbohydrates. They use carbohydrates as a source of efficient energy. Even if the French fries lack all the essential nutrients they need, they can also serve as a source of energy.

Cats and other pets can turn the carbohydrates into energy, but their nutritional requirements are much different from those of human beings. While the cats from the past depended on the meat to eat, they are obligate carnivores. Along with the cat’s taste of flesh comes a body fine-tuned for digesting the consumed meat.

All of the above discussion is to conclude that there are zero benefits for the cat to consume French fries. Unless you have nothing else to give your cat, then you can opt to feed your cat the fries. French fries do not have any health benefits. Instead, they have numerous potential health risks.

Can cats Eat French fries

If you have a strange habit of feeding your cats with French fries, they may begin to pack on the pounds.  When they become overweight, they are at risk of suffering from complicated diseases like liver diseases, arthritis, and diabetes. Besides, overweight cats are more likely to have shorter lifespans than their svelte companions.

Reasons Why French Fries May Not Be Good for Your Cats

While the potato chipsand crisp may not be that harmful to your kits and cats, they are not recommended. Avoid giving your pets any processed potato products such as the lays chips as they always contain harmfulingredients, including flavors, preservatives, and excess amounts of salt. For example, crisp has various additives and is very dry. This makes them not appropriate to be consumed by your pets.

On the other hand, French fries, depending on how they have been fried, may not have excessive salt, artificial flavors, herbs, etc. Remember that indigestible oils and excessive oils can cause pancreatitis. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep away crisp, potato chips, and French fries from the cats. However, small amounts will not harm your pests besides having harmful ingredients and additives. Here are the reasons why French fries may not be a favorite snack for your cat.

They have high fat and calorie content.

Cats need fats to be healthy, but not all fats are safe for cats to consume. The necessary fats such as omega-6 and omega-3 are healthy for these pets. Deep-fried snacks like potato chips and French fries contain less essential fatty acids. They also contain more saturated fats. Saturated fats are unhealthy not only for pets but also for human beings. If you regularly give such snacks to your pet, such foods will provide the cat with excess calories, hence becoming obese.

They contain excessive amounts of salt.

The biggest problem with French fries is that they contain excessive salt, which is harmful to your cat. For example, giving your cat a small amount of McDonald’s French fries contains about 134 mg of sodium. This amount is thrice more than the recommended level of sodium your pet should consume daily.

This means that the excess sodium from the chips can poison your cat. It is recommended that you keep French fries to yourself if you don’t want your cat to have urinary problems, seizures, kidney damages, and many more even more severe problems.

Ketchup isn’t even good for your cats. 

French fries plus ketchup makes the delicious meal ever. If your cat has eaten fries, probably it had ketchup too. However, ketchup is also not the perfect thing for your cat to consume. Ketchup contains high amounts of sodium, which are harmful to your cats.

Besides, most kinds of ketchup have onion or garlic powder, which is toxic to a cat. Also, ketchup is acidic for pets. This means that even if ketchup don not have onion powder, it is still harmful to the cat because it will cause stomach upsets to your pet.

What about raw potatoes?

Keep any uncooked, raw you may have inside the home. And if you are growing potatoes in your garden, you should feed your cats before they go outside. This is because the potato plant contains a chemical called solanine.

The chemical is present in the growing plant to offer a defense mechanism to repel those who want to eat it. Raw and unripe potatoes may cause severe digestive upset and can impact the nervous systems. Some of the symptoms of solanine poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, and disorientation.

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Are cooked potatoes better ones?

Appropriately cooked and served in very small potions, potatoes may not be toxic to the cats. However, the nutrients in cooked potatoes are very same properties that can lead to arthritis, pancreatitis as the cats ages. Potatoes mainly contain wholesome things such as carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin B and C, and fiber.

Cats require proteins to thrive, but adding small amounts of carbohydrates may not do any harm. However, the carbohydrates content should be kept as slow as possible, and most canned, dry snacks for cats already have high levels of carbohydrate content.

This means that it is not a good idea to give you cat snacks that contain high carbohydrate levels if you had already fed it dry kibble. However, commercial foods for a cat contains a somewhat low volume of carbohydrates, which means you should occasionally offer carbohydrate-rich snacks, but don’t make the mistake of making it French fries.


The above discussion concludes that it is not a healthy habit to share fries with your pets. French fries contain high salt and calorie content, which has no nutritional value to your pets. And the worse to say is if they contain extra flavors of ketchup and garlic which are too dangerous to the cats. Cats can consume potatoes occasionally; however, consuming fries will cause health-related issues.

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