The 5 Best Small Dog Food Container in 2021

Dog containers help to keep your pet’s food safe and fresh and also prevent your canine from accessing their food before their mealtime. Are you looking for a compact-sized storage container for your pet? With the multiple options available, finding the best small dog food container can be quite difficult.

In this article, we will review the best tiny pooch containers to help you make an informed buying decision.

Top-Rated Food Containers for Small Dogs: Comparison List

Dog food containers come in different forms. According to our reviews team, below are the best containers in the market today.

1TIOVERY Pet Food Storage ContainerWhiteSmall
2Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback 50 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage ContainerWarm Granite
3simplehuman 30 Liter 14.5 kg Large Pet Food Storage ContainerStainless Steel30-Liter
43- Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage ContainerBlue Moon33-Quart and 12-Quart
5OXO 7100200 Airtight Pet Food Storage POP ContainerWhite5.8 Quart

How to Choose the Right Food Container for your Small Dog

It is important to know the key factors you need to consider before choosing the right container for your pet’s food. This buying guide should help you know the features to pay attention to when making a choice.


In anything we purchase, durability is one of the essential things in our minds. The material used to make a container determines its durability. Whether it’s a plastic container or metallic container, the construction is a vital determinant.


Accessibility is another crucial factor to consider. This is about how fast and easy it is to access the pet’s food. Some containers may take more effort and time to open, which can be quite annoying, especially when you are in a hurry. 

Molded Handle

The container’s handle is a very critical feature as it determines its convenience. Generally, a nice handle should provide a comfortable grip. This should make it easy to lift and carry the container to the intended location.

Top 5 Best Small Dog Food Containers

That that we’re familiar with the method required to choose high-quality containers, it’s time to review our top selections in detail. Alright. Here we go.

1. Tiovery Dog Storage Food Container

If you are looking for a food container that can keep your pup’s food from humidity and moisture, the Tiovery Dog Storage Food Container might be an excellent option. It is small, so it will not occupy too much storage space.

On top of that, this container has seal buckles and is airtight. Hence, it helps to keep the food fresh and dry and also prevents the dog food from developing bad odor. Besides that, its lightweight design makes it easy to carry during outdoor activities. Furthermore, it prevents bugs, ants, and other insects from contaminating or destroying your pup’s food.


  • Easily portable
  • Has a measuring cup
  • Protects food from humidity and pests
  • Keeps the dog food airtight


  • A bit too thin

2. Gamma 2 Outback Airtight Vittle Vault Pet Food Storage Container

The Gamma 2 Outback Airtight Vittle Vault Pet Food Storage Container not only has an amazing and unique design but also stores your dog food safely. It has a spinning lock system and patented seal that protects the food from humidity and pets. With heavy-duty construction, this item is not only strong but also durable.

What’s more, the mouth has a forward-facing position, which makes it easy to stack several containers together. Also, the super comfortable handles make it easy to carry this lightweight dog food container around. Moreover, they are made from recyclable, which makes the containers environmentally friendly. Lastly, it is made from BPA-free and BPS-free material, which makes it a safe option for your furry friend.


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Airtight containers
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Lightweight design


  • Not transparent

3. Simplehuman Stainless Steel 30 Liter Pet Food Storage Container

Elegant, strong, and safe are the best words to describe the Simplehuman Stainless Steel 30 Liter Pet Food Storage Container. Just like the name implies, this container is built from a durable and fingerprint-proof stainless steel.

Then there is the ergonomic handle that locks the lid completely, which makes it impossible for your pooch to open the lid. Also, the airtight seal ensures your pet’s food stays fresh. Cleaning this food storage is super easy, all thanks to the BPA-free liner.


  • Sleek and design
  • Easy to move
  • Strong handles
  • Keeps the dog food fresh


  • A bit pricey

4. IRIS USA Airtight 3-Piece Food Storage Container for Pets

With multiple amazing features, the IRIS USA Airtight 3-Piece Food Storage Container for Pets is designed with convenience and durability in mind. The versatile food container comes in a combo package of three items.Additionally, this combo is made with an FDA approved and BPA free fabric.

To start with, it has a 33-quart container equipped with wheels for easy mobility. On top of that, this container might be small in size but can hold up to twenty-five pounds of pet food. Then there is the 12-quart container that has a storage capacity of 10 pounds of dog food.


  • Comes in multiple colors
  • A combo set
  • Stackable which saves space
  • Comes with a scoop


  • Not completely airtight

5. OXO POP Pet Food Storage Container

The last item on this list is the OXO POP Pet Food Storage Container. It has built-in wheels that make it easy to move the container during meal times. It can hold a maximum of 27-pounds dog food. For easy access to pet food, the scoop attaches itself conveniently just below the lid. 

Besides that, this container has a push-button system which creates an airtight seal, keeping your curious pup sniffing treat out. The button also acts as a handle for lifting off the lid. Moreover, the containers have a modular stacking mechanism so you can organize your dog’s food efficiently.


  • Keeps the food fresh
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Transparent


  • No wheels

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dog owners especially first time pet parents have lots of questions about the right way to store their dog’s food. We’ve tried to answer some common question.

Do Dog Food Get Stale?

Yes. Dog food can go bad after a while if not stored in a proper container. However, wet food tends to go bad faster than dry food. It also comes down to the ingredients used in making the food.

Which is the right Dog Food Storage Container for your dog?

This will depend on the size and number of your dogs. If you have large or multiple pets, the bigger container might be perfect for you. If you have a little pup, a small box will be a great option.

Best Choice

Though all the listed containers above perform incredibly, the Tiovery Dog Storage Food Container is the best choice in our view. It has a lightweight, sturdy, and durable construction. 

Final Thoughts 

Small containers not only occupy a small space but are also quite convenient, especially when traveling with your dog outdoors. The detailed guide above should help you arrive at an informed buying decision.

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