10 Best Dry Dog Food Containers 2021: Unbiased Reviews

Why do many pet owners insist on going for dry dog food? Well, for starter, this type of feed usually is affordable, and so the owners find it useful to purchase the food in bulk.

Additionally, pet’s dry food tends to outdo the wet ones in terms of nutritional benefits to the dog.

If you want your pet to reap maximum benefits from dry food, you need to get it right on how you store it. For this reason, we are going to take you through some of the best dry dog food containers, which would ensure that the quality is never compromised.

For instance, we shall look at some factors that you need to consider so that you are in a better position to make an informed choice, and these include:

  • Airtight sealing
  • Stacking
  • Décor

Construction, among others

But first things first, let’s kick things off by checking out a sample of dry dog food containers, which we believe are the best in existence.

Top-Rated Dry Dog Food Containers: Comparison List

We want you to have an easy time going through the various options available in the market. Therefore, we have analyzed the following models, and we believe that you should have found your ideal pick once you are done going through our list of containers.

1Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback 50 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage ContainerMocha Granite3 Pounds
2TIOVERY Pet Food Storage ContainerWhite0.65 pounds
3Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food StorageGrey8.6 pounds
4simplehuman 30 LiterBrushed18.7 pounds
5Large Fresh Dry Dog Food Plastic Storage ContainerClear6.1 pounds
6OXO 7100200 Airtight Pet Food Storage POP ContainerWhite1.6 pounds
7Gamma2 Vittles Vault Airtight Pet Food Storage ContainerMocha Granite
83- Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage ContainerBlue Moon4.5 Pounds
9Bergan Stack-N-Stor 40 Stackable StorageBlue1.1 Pounds
10Aspen Pet Kibble Keeper W/MicrobanPearl Tan5 Pounds

1. Vittles Vault Outback Airtight container

Are you of the opinion that plastic containers are inferior? If you fall in this category of individuals, the Vittles Vault Outback pet food container should change your mind.

First of all, the pricing is quite fair such that anyone can purchase it without digging too deep into their pockets.

Now let’s discuss the construction. The Vittles Vault container is made out of sturdy plastic, which is also BPA-free to make it safe for holding your pet’s food.

Further, it is airtight, and this helps in preventing the dry food from being exposed to air and moisture as this would interfere with its quality.

You may also appreciate how easy it is to seal and unseal the container for accessing the food.


  • Affordable
  • BPA-free and sturdy construction
  • Comes in three different sizes


  • Not everyone was impressed with the customer support

2. Tiovery Pet Food Storage Container

What makes the Tiovery container such an excellent investment? Well, for starters, it is quite small and lightweight, and this makes it easy to move around with.

Also, the small design is crucial in ensuring that the container does not take up too much storage space.

Then, the container is fitted with four seal buckles, which help in making the container airtight, which is a crucial aspect in maintaining the food’s freshness plus keeping away the pests.

Let’s not leave out the BPA-free plastic material that guarantees you of the food’s safety for your pet.

We are not done as the container comes with a measuring cup that allows you to monitor the amount that you are feeding the pooch.

To wrap it up is the 100% satisfaction guarantee to give you peace of mind.


  • Small and portable
  • Comes with a measuring cup
  • Airtight


  • Dispensing the food from the container is an issue

3. Richell Pet Stuff Tower

The main advantage of a pet stuff tower is that it gives you the chance of having a very organized household even in the face of multiple pets. Not only does it store pet food, but you could also use it for holding treats and toys conveniently in one location.

Other than that, the tower features two storage bins with snap-lock lids that are vital in keeping the food fresh and also preventing the smell from filling the room.

Another interesting bit is the foot pedal in the bottom bin that allows you to access the food hands-free. On top of that are the side hooks that you could use for attaching bags and leashes.

To save on space, this storage tower has a slim profile, and you could also mount it to the wall for further space economy.


  • Saves on space
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with a cup scoop


  • Prone to spills while you scoop out the food

4. Simplehuman Stainless Steel Pet Food Storage Container

If you are looking for a container that would easily fit into your interior décor, the Simplehuman pet food storage container would be a reasonable choice. We can attribute this to the stainless steel design that makes it easy for the container to blend with most of the kitchen appliances.

This container features a removable inner bucket, which makes it easy to clean. Further, this bucket is BPA-free and, therefore, safe for holding pet food.

Also worth mentioning are the wheels and handles that make it easy to transport the bin. On top of that is the locking front handle that makes the container airtight.

The sleek container is available in three different sizes.


  • Well-made
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits into your décor easily


  • Easy to mistake with a trash can

5. Buddeez Large Plastic Pet Food Storage Container

With the Buddeez large container, you do not have to get rid of the original bag in which the food came. The dual-purpose lid makes it easy to scoop or pour food right out of the container.

The entire container is FDA-approved as having met the safety standards for holding pet food. It also features EZ grip handles that allow for easy lifting of the container.

We also like the slim profile of the container that ensures you do not have to worry about storage space.

Lastly, the bin is completely sealed to keep out bugs and pests.


  • FDA-approved construction
  • Can hold the original bag
  • Slim profile for easy storage


  • Not that airtight

6. OXO Pet Food Storage Container

This is a versatile container that you could use for holding pet and human food as well. The container comes in seven different sizes and can hold up to 6.5lbs of dog food.

The first impressive feature of this container is how easy it is to operate. All you have to do is press the button at the top to open, and you press again to seal.

The OXO container opens wide so that scooping out the food does not become a complicated affair. On top of that, the rounded edges have the effect of making it easy to pour the food onto the pet’s feeding bowl.

If you are worried about cleaning the tin, the removable lid should go some way in calming down your nerves.

Let’s wrap it up by mentioning that the container has a BPA-free construction.


  • Easy to open and close
  • Easy to clean
  • Stores human food as well


  • The seal may not impress everyone

7. Vittles Vault Outback Stackable Storage Container

As a stackable container, this container is likely to be especially useful for multi-pet households since it can hold different types of food.

This stacking is crucial in ensuring that minimal storage space is needed.

A significant benefit of the Vittles Outback is the food capacity, which lies between 40 and 60lbs and can hold more than is needed.

You may also appreciate the twisting lid that makes the container airtight and helps in keeping the food fresher for longer. The tight sealing also helps in keeping pests away from the food.

When you place the container on its side, you are going to have it easy scooping the food out of it without messing up the floor.


  • Decent capacity
  • Airtight
  • Perfect for multi-pet households


  • Only for dry foods

8. Iris 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Supposing you have a dog and a cat in your house, and you wish to store their food separately. What could be the solution? Well, according to us, the Iris 3-piece set could be what you need.

The set features a 12-quart container, a 33-quart container, and a 2-cup scoop. The material used in making these items has FDA certification as being free from toxic substances and, therefore, safe for holding pet food.

Let’s mention the sealing that is crucial in keeping pests at bay.

We liked the wheels, which ensure that you have an easy time moving the bin around.


  • Small and portable
  • FDA-approved construction
  • The measuring scoop allows you to monitor how much you are feeding the dog


  • The containers are not as airtight as advertised

9. Bergan Stak-N-Stor Stackable Storage

If you are looking for a heavy-duty plastic container for holding your dog food, the Bergan Stackable storage may be what you need. The sealing may not be that good, but this is a container that can take some abuse without breaking apart easily.

As stackable storage, this container can hold all you need to take care of your pet in an organized manner and occupying minimal space.

Another impressive aspect of this container is the high-density polyethylene construction that makes the container sturdy and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Bergan storage comes in three convenient sizes for holding the amount that you need.


  • Well-made
  • Easy to open
  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Pricey

10. Aspen Pet Kibble Keeper with Microban

How often do you find a pet food storage container with anti-microbial protection? We can guess that it is not often you come across such a product.

For this reason, we are going to introduce you to the Aspen pet kibble storage with microban, and this goes a long way in enhancing your pet’s safety when they consume food from this container.

Other notable features include the sturdy plastic construction that helps in giving the unit an impressive lifespan.

Then, the container has a translucent design, and this makes it easy to monitor the food levels so that you do not run out of dog food unexpectedly.

The Aspen tin comes with a 2-cup scoop, and this allows you to monitor how much food you are feeding your pet.

We are also going to touch on the snap-tight lid that is vital in keeping the kibbles fresh.


  • Comes on three different capacities
  • Has anti-microbial protection
  • Sturdy construction


  • Gets dirty too quickly

The Buying Guide

If you want to boost your chances of landing a product that would not disappoint you, there are several factors that you need to consider. Let’s check them out.

Airtight Sealing

When you expose the dry dog food to moisture and air, it is going to go stale at a very high rate. It may also lose its taste and become less appealing to the dog.

Therefore, check out for an airtight seal so that the food remains fresh for longer, and this would allow you to stock for the days ahead.


This feature is useful as it allows you to store different foods for different pets. Further, it helps you save on space since you would be building up rather than across.


The material used in making the container is what determines how long it would last. Heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel materials are the perfect options in this case.

On top of that, check the label to be sure that the materials are FDA-approved and safe for holding dog food. It should be free from potentially toxic elements such as BPA and lead so as not to be harmful to the pet.


We all like a container that blends with the kitchen’s decor or even complements it. For instance, if your kitchen is full of stainless steel appliances, a stainless steel container would blend perfectly with such a background.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In our research on top quality dry dog food containers, there are some queries that we faced. In this section, we are going to answer some of them, after which your knowledge on the topic should have significantly expanded.

What is the shelf life of dry dog food?

In most cases, the shelf life of dry food is one year. However, this depends on the conditions under which you store it. This includes storage away from the sun, avoiding mixing new and old food, using airtight containers, and so on.

Is dry food suitable for the dog’s health?

Besides staying for longer without going stale, dry food is also ideal for your dog’s teeth. However, you need to ensure that your dog is adequately hydrated since dry food does not offer much in this arena.

Also, you may consider switching to wet food as the dog ages due to the rampant kidney issues to expect at that age.

Our Top Pick

As we conclude, we have settled on Vittles Vault Outback Airtight container as our top pick. This is due to the combination of features such as safe and sturdy construction, ease of access to the food, and affordability, which convince us of the superiority of this product.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have understood why dry dog food needs to be appropriately stored, lest it becomes of more inferior quality, or it goes stale.

There are many food storage containers of different shapes and designs, and it is up to you to decide which one would serve you best. Of course, this should be after you have consulted our straightforward buying guide.

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