Best Dremel Dog Nail Grinder 2021 – Compared & Reviewed

Dogs’ health depends on many things, one of them being clean and short nails. Pet grooming is already a difficult task. You have to choose from different products and find the best Dremel dog nail grinder for your pet. While toady’s markets may be flooded with different dog nail grinders, not all perform excellently. So, you must choose the right one.

Living with your dog means you knowing its needs. That special care your pets need must come extra responsibilities. The thought of grooming a dog may sound simple until you reach that point of looking at the possibility of bleeding or wrong cutting.

You can use the dog nail grinder to reduce their nails to an acceptable size. The process is similar to the steps you take in filing your nails. Nail grinding as an approach to groom your pets sounds different, but is it the right option? Here is a comprehensive review and buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Best Dremel Dog Nail Grinder

Dremel Dog Nail Grinder: A Comparison Chart 

Here is a comparison of the best Dremel nail grinder that provides vital information to help you make the right final decision. Be sure to compare the top features of each product and prices. This will help you to make the right purchase decision.

1Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming3.1 x 1.7 x 1 inches1.23 pounds
2Dremel 200-1/15 Two-Speed Rotary Tool Kit10.2 x 5.5 x 3 inches1.9 pounds
3Dremel AT01-PGK Pet Grooming Nail Guard Attachment2 x 4 x 3 inches0.22 pounds

1. Dremel 7300-PT Cordless Pet Grooming & Nail Grinding Tool

ThisDremel 7300-PT Cordless Pet Grooming & Nail Grinding Tool make the grooming process simple for a dog owner. The cordless nature of the nail grinder allows you to be safe, quick, and comfortable when trimming your canine’s nails. The device uses a rechargeable 4.8 volts power battery that guarantees excellent performance. Its performance makes it easy to maintain neatness on your dog’s paws. The battery pack is removable. Additional power packs are available separately.

The product two-speed levels that adjust between high and low. The adjustments make it easy to control it when in use. Its speed makes it an alternative to nail clippers that takes away the risk of over clipping. This Dremel dog nail grinder is fast with long nails and does not cause injuries or pain.

This nail grooming and grinding tool connect to a 3-hour battery charger that fully re-charges. The LED lights indicate the position the battery should be when connected to the charger. Each sanding band is ½ an inch that is safe and gentle on your dog’s nails. Purchasing the device comes with a 60 grit-sanding band with an andrel.


  • Light in weight and cordless making grooming easy and comfortable
  • Fitting the accessible accessories is simple
  • The first device that has a 45-degree paw guide for easy grooming
  • Speed variations on two levels that allows for easy and painless grooming
  • It is safe and effective because of the high-density plastic


  • The tool produces some noise from the metallic rattling sounds
  • The battery drains quickly, leading to poor performance.

2. Dremel 200 Series Rotary Tool

Go for precision and get the control that you need when dealing with different kinds of dog breeds. The two-speed settings allow you to use the low speed for cleaning or smoothening the nails, and the high speed is for reducing and sanding applications.

The 200 series nail trimmer from Dremel is applicable for different uses. Some of these uses include cutting, engraving, cleaning, grinding, and sanding. You can use it on different nail types due to its versatility. The sealing around the rotating motor allows cooling enabling the device to operate for extended periods. Noise is a common feature in most dog nail grinders. On this one, there is minimal noise passing through the seal. The tight seal gives you a smooth and quiet operation.

Handling the tool is easy because it is compact and lightweight. The double hull construction blocks heat that may pass to your hand when grooming your pet. You purchase the tool and get more than 15 accessories to make your work easier.


  • You can control the two sets of speed using by flipping a switch on the device
  • The running motor and bearing construction allow for smooth and quiet operation
  • The motors and brushes are replaceable to extend the tool’s life
  • A lightweight body material makes it ideal for prolonged use


  • Uses the mains power so you cannot use it where there is no direct power supply
  • The metal cap may jam and probably not fixable.

3. Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Guard Attachment 

Enjoy your pet grooming sessions by investing in the AT-01 Nail Grooming Attachment from Dremel. The tool is a choice even for the professional dog handlers due to its robustness and reliability. Using this device ensures that you will always have a comfortable and safe pet during and after the grooming sessions.

For the best accuracy, use the 45-degree angle paw guide to get the right angle when grinding your pet’s nails. The position of the nail guard allows easy access for the trimming of nails. The angle provides the best position to avoid repetition of work.

The nail guard cap is clear for viewing, and its adjustments mean you can install it on any of the matching Dremel rotary tools. The hinges controlling the guard’s housing allows for easy cleaning and assembly.

Once you are done with the grooming, the device is compact and cordless with two speeds that you will find to be handy around the house.


  • The nail grinder has a booklet with instructions for a fast grooming session
  • The attachment is compatible with similar Dremel dog nail grinding tools
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to its hinged design
  • The nail guard protects you from nail, clippings, dust, and fur


  • The nail guard size makes it hard to use because it obstructs the user
  • The 45-degree angle does not give the best results with all dog breeds.

Dremel Nail Grinder: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Nail grinder is a grooming tool that you use on your dogs to resize their nails. It is a perfect replacement for the nail clipper and is if you have a dog that does like clippers. It will love the grinding tool.A mechanism of a grinder involves a small drum with sandpaper on the outer layer rotating at high-speeds. When it touches the dog’s nails, the grinding process starts.

Here are some of the important considerations you should make when choosing the best dog nail grinder.

The pets you plan to groom

Dogs need to have their nails under maintenance regularly. Letting the nails overgrow leads to health complications. Splayfoot results from poor dog nails maintenance, which leads to nerve damage.Dog nail grinders are for canine pets you have at home. When the dogs walk on the floor, and you hear tapping sounds, you need to schedule the next grooming session.

Comparing the use of clippers and nail grinders, you will note the safe standards of a grinder. Unlike the clippers, they trim the nails in bits.A dog nail grinder is suitable for dark and hard nails. When using a dog nail grinder, note its sensitivity to the vibrating sound.

Ease of use

Focus on buying a product that is easy to use. After making the dog happy and took it to a comfortable spot, use the following tips to make the grooming session easy.

  • Have some dog treats nearby
  • Turn on the grinder and start engaging the pet by encouraging her to fondle the grinding machine
  • When holding the paw, be firm but gentle. Avoid taking the tool too close to the dog’s nail.
  • Let the dog know you are ready to trim her nails by taking the grinder out of its package.
  • You can throw in a treat occasionally next to the grinder to prepare the dog psychologically
  • If you are using the nail grinder for the first time, make sure the dog adapts to the strange sound.
  • Turn on the grinder while giving the dog a treat. Gauge its reaction as you calm it down by brushing its tail. Once the games are over, make the grooming session short and quick

Other tips for better use of nail grinder include;

  • The most important thing to know before purchasing the best Dremel Dog Nail Grinder is to understand how to use one.
  • If you are keeping a dog with long hair, you can tie them up. Make sure no hair gets into the way of grinding and trimming. Here is how to use the nail grinding tool:
  • Keep your pet steady with paws extending outwards. Make sure the dog is comfortable by letting it relax and find an ideal position.
  • Go for one nail at a time by placing the grinder near the bottom part of the nail and start grinding. Bring the tool all-round the nail until you reach the top side. With the grinder in hand, trace the nail you were working on and start all over.
  • As you grind, make sure you do not reach near the skin.
  • Once the grinding process is over, make the outer part of the nail smooth by running the dog nail grinder round it.
  • Repeat the entire process for each nail.
  • That is how easy it is to use a nail grinder. Do not forget to calm your dog before you begin the process.

Why choose Dremel nail grinders for dogs?

A dog with a bad experience during the grooming session will not let you use a nail clipper on them. A grinder makes it easy to stay away from the nail cuticles and thus avoid injuries.


Nail grinders take off a small piece of nail, giving you more precision.

Good looking nails

In comparison to a nail clipper, the Dremel dog nail grinder leaves your dog with round edges. With such nails, your carpet or furniture will be free of scratches and splits.

No pressure on the nails

Clippers may force you to use some pressure when tackling hard and thick nails. The right nail grinder will not put pressure on such nails.

Other factors to consider when choosing the best dog nail grinder

Read the following tips on how to choose the best nail dog grinder. The best thing is to have an idea about the product you want.


A dog nail grinder that will let you and your dog be comfortable while using it is vital. It should fit with the type of nails your dog has. The nail grinder should be smooth on the edges. This will keep your pet comfortable during the entire grooming process.

Grinding force

Grinders have different grinding power. Some are best for small dogs, while powerful ones are suitable for large dogs. The grinding force determines its capacity. For dogs, it defines the size and breed of dog.

Ease of handling

You should find a grinder that is easy to lift and use. A heavy dog grinder may discourage you from using it if your pet is troublesome. Choose one that is easy on your hands while operating. Besides, a lightweight nail grinder offer better results and gives you the opportunity to trim your pet’s nails perfectly.

Battery life

You have the option of using a battery-supported or an electric nail grinder. Both perform well. Choosing a battery-operated model means, you have to know the battery life. Most grinders have a battery life of 3 hours. This gives you all the time you need to ensure your pet has perfect nails.

Additional features

Other things to look for include the dog nail grinder’s build, speed of rotation, and safety guards if available. Speed settings allow you to set different speeds customizing to match different breed sizes and nail types.

Wrap up

When it is all about your dog’s health, safety is a number one priority. Different breeds have varying needs. However, Thebest Dremel nail grinder should give the best outcome for you and your pet. Pick a grinder from the list above that has a precise and dog-friendly solution.

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