5 Best Dog Toys for Boxers 2021 [Unbiased Expert Opinion]

Boxers are very affectionate and love to socialize which makes them great family dogs. This intelligent and strong breed also has lots of pent up energy.

In that regard, you want to get the best dog toys for boxers to keep them entertained and fit. Come with us as we look into how to purchase the perfect toys for your pooch.

Best Dog Toys for Boxers Reviewed

Top-Rated Boxer Dog Toys: Comparison List

Looking for a good toy to buy for your boxer adult dog or puppies? Here’s a simplified list for your perusal.

1West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy8.2 x 2 x 2 inches6.4 ounces
2Bundle of 3 Jute Tug Toys 3″ x 8″ with 1 Handle Redline K99 x 9 x 3 inches11.2 ounces
3Chuckit Ultra Ball Large3 x 3 x 3 inches4.6 ounces
4Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys14 x 9 x 2.6 inches41.6 ounces
5Petmate Chuckit Fumble Fetch Toy5 x 5.2 x 8.1 inches7 ounces

1. West Paw Design Hurley Chew Zogoflex Dog Bone Toy

This versatile toy from West Paw Design can be referred to as a fetch stick, bone, or ball as long as it serves the intended purpose.

Investing in this Hurley bone will put an end to your search for the best toys for Boxers, Bulldogs, or any other dog breeds.

This is because Hurley is gentler and safer than most rawhide bones that feature a rough texture, which may hurt your dog’s gums.

Also, the bone doesn’t get grimy when in the dog’s mouth, even for long periods.

Product Description

This large toy weighs 6.4 ounces and is made from durable re-usable Zogoflex which is BPA free as well as Eco-friendly material, which is pet-safe.

The Hurley is available in multiple colors and sizes to help you get the perfect choice for your dog.

Incredibly, you will love how your pet will enjoy chewing and fetching it, particularly in the water since it’s floatable. Besides, playing more fetch games in the field or back yard means more time to spend with your dog for extra bonding.

Remarkably, enough exercise for your animal companion boosts their health and also makes them more mentally aware.

Other Features and Benefits

To pet owners, when the bone gets dirty, put in the dishwasher as it won’t be affected by the high temperatures.

Getting your dog a chew toy helps distance it from gnawing on your precious bedding, sofas, and other wooden household items.

West Paw Design is so sure of this product’s quality such that it places a onetime refund on it or get a full refund back.


  • FDA approved to be pet safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Bright-colored for high visibility
  • Adds up as a chew toy
  • Bouncy and floatable


  • Not entirely indestructible
  • Could have been flavored

2. REDLINE K-9 3 Jute Tug Toys

Don’t you think your lovely dog deserves a little token after a hard day’s training? Then these tug toys make the best treat to gift your Boxers, Ring Sport, Schutzhund, or any other dog breed.

Every tug toy’s durable construction withstands the pulling of even the strongest dogs. The dog can also bite on the material for more fun as it won’t wear out easily because of the proper stitching.

Kindly do not use these tugs as chew toys because they are not ideal for that purpose.

Product Description

Each toy is made from durable Nylon and Jute material with accompanying industrial-grade double stitching to keep the seams in place for long.

Just as the name, Tug toys are great for playing interactive games like Tug of war with your dog.

The whole package weighs 11.2 ounces and contains 3-pieces of similar Jute Tugs with each measuring 3″ by 8″.

Other Features and Benefits

The 1″ nylon handle gives you a great holding point for initiating the play with the dog to prevent dullness. Indeed, most people love dog Tug Toys since they are ideal for both young and adult dogs.

Furthermore, the handle also gives you stability as you pull the dog along to avoid accidental stumbling.


  • Made from durable fabric
  • Good for all dog breeds
  • Holds up to intensive pulling
  • 3-set bundle at a great price


  • Quite difficult to clean
  • The dog should not be left unsupervised as it might destroy the toy

3. Chukit! Ultra Ball

This low-cost Chukit! is simply one of the best balls for playing fetch you will ever come across.

The balls bouncy nature and ability to float gives endless interactive play both on land and in the water.

Amazingly, the ball features a bright color for the dog to trace it easily in the vegetation or water no matter how far you have thrown it. In the case of long playing sessions, you should find a compatible ball launcher to prevent hurting the arm.

Product Description

The ball weighs 22.7 grams, is made from high-quality durable rubber, and features a thickened rubber core with a soft well-textured surface. The soft exterior of the ball enables the dog to catch it in the mouth without getting hurt.

The Chuckit! ball is not only great for fetch but also other indoor dog games to help improve the human-animal bond.

Other Features and Benefits

Some people might be worried that this orange and blue colored ball will get dirty easily, but it won’t. It, therefore, can be cleaned easily with warm soapy water under the sink.

On close examination, you will notice that this ball doesn’t squeak; this is because squeakers tend to fall out from balls after some time. As a result, a hole is left in the ball, which is a possible chew point, this greatly reduces the balls life span.

Even though the package includes only one ball, you can always order the 2-pack set for easy alternating to keep the dog on its toes.


  • Holds up to slobber and dirt
  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • Affordable
  • Offers multiple playing options


  • Not great for aggressive chewers
  • Dogs should not be unsupervised as the ball may be a possible choking hazard

4. Otterly Pets 5-Pack Medium to Large Pet Rope Toys

It’s always important to maximize the little time you get to play with your pets to keep them physically fit.

The regular play and exercise also assist in keeping them mentally active and improves their overall health.

Back to this Otterly toy set, it comprises 5 different designs of dog toys to help eliminate boredom.

Product Description

The featured toys are; a 6-inch ring, a 22.5-inch rope with 4 knots, and a 20-inch rope with a loop plus a 4.25-inch diameter ball.

Also included is a monkey fist rope ball with a diameter of 3.5 inches and an 8-shaped chewable rubber ball. For the pet’s safety, don’t leave the dog with a chew toy alone to prevent unwanted choking.

The toys are machine washable though they can be washed easily with soap and water. They also dry quickly and do not shrink or change in their original shape.

Other Features and Benefits

The multiple matching color assortment will please both you and the pet. Moreover, the toys ergonomic designs allow you to play fetch, jumps, tug of war, among other outdoor games with your dog.

These toys are made with non-harmful pure cotton that helps clean the pet’s teeth and also gently massages the gums. This frequent teeth clean-up prevents plaque built-up, which is a major cause of gum disease.

To sum up, the manufacturer Ottery Pets do care! The reason they’ve put a hassle-free lifetime warranty on these toys.

This means that if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you are free to return it and they will get it made as you wish.


  • Machine washable
  • Contains 5 toys in one-pack
  • The ropes are weaved from high-quality cotton
  • Helps strengthen the pet’s gums and teeth
  • Provides room for multiple interactive games


  • You are not able to order a set of a specific design only
  • Not meant for dogs with extreme chewing behavior

5. Chuckit! Fetch Fumble Toy for Dogs

Chuckit! Balls never disappoint in matters of durability, bounciness, buoyancy, and also their unique biting zones.

All these attributes explain why you should have not only one, two, or three Chuckit! Balls to your dog’s toy arsenal but as many as needed. And you will be glad you made such a long-lasting investment unlike the other cheaply made toys that get destroyed in minutes.

For next-level fetch games like punting or passing, this Fumble football-shaped ball will get you and the dogs more engaged.

Product Description

The ball features a deep ridged uniquely designed groove that makes it easy for the dog to grab for easy holding or carrying.

This 6.4 ounces ball is colored in bright orange and blue for your dog to find it easily in the water or grass.

Are you a night owl who still likes playing fetch with your pets? Then there’s a glow version of this ball for night visibility. The glowing ball takes about 10 minutes to charge under a bright light to deliver an illuminated playtime of up to 30 minutes at night.

Similarly, the ball’s capability to float on water enables you to bring your dog to the pool for some awesome splashing games.

Other Features and Benefits

The Chukit! is made from a combination of polyester, Eva foam, and rubber for added durability against dogs with insatiable chewing behavior.

Since the ball is puncture resistant and has a hardened core, it’s quite difficult for the dog to destroy it. This also enables you to use the ball either on a smooth or rough surface with no worries.

Finally, the Fumble toy’s random bounce to different directions confuses the dog more for extra excitement and fun.


  • Highly visible
  • Has bite zones for easy pick-up
  • Glow version for night use
  • Doesn’t puncture or deflate
  • Buoyant
  • Extra bouncy ball


  • Gets dirty easily yet quite difficult to clean
  • Not ideal for heavy chewers

How to Pick the Best Dog Toys for Boxers

These are the factors you need to consider as you purchase toys for your boxer.

Dog’s Age

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when looking to buy toys for your dog. If your dog is younger, you may want to get them rubbery or soft plush toys. This is because their teeth are still fragile.

If you have an older dog, you can go for harder, indestructible dog toys because their jaws and teeth are able to handle such.

Dog Size

You want to consider your dog’s size when choosing toys for them. Think of it this way; a puppy will not enjoy playing with a toy that is too big for them and neither will a larger dog enjoy playing with a toy that is too small.

Besides, if you get your pooch toys that are too small, you increase their chances of chocking on them.

Dog’s Habits

Most dogs tend to be aggressive which means that they will chew on things around them. If your dog exhibits this kind of behavior, you want to get them a toy that is strong enough to withstand the abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several commonly asked questions that may be of help.

Which is the best dog toy for Boxers?

There is no particular toy that can be singled out as the best one because there are numerous great toys in the market.

You want to look at a toy’s features to determine whether it is worth buying or not.

Will my dog destroy their toy?

Yes, they probably will because most dogs tend to be aggressive.

Best Overall Pick

According to our detailed research, we can conclude that the West Paw Design Hurley Chew Zogoflex bone is the best play toy for Boxers.

This is because it has a gentle feel on the dog’s teeth, is safe to be eaten off, and is ideal for playing fetch both in water and in the grass.

Therefore, we can conclude that the durability and effectiveness of the Hurley are incomparable.

Final Thoughts

Boxers make for great family dogs because of their attention seeking and playful nature. Therefore, it would only be fair if you treated them as part of your family.

Part of doing that involves getting them toys for their exercise and entertainment purposes. We believe you are now equipped with all the information you need to pick the right toys for your pooch.

For that reason, there is no excuse why you should not be the dog owner that covers all their pet’s needs.

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