10 Best Dog Car Harnesses 2021 – Detailed Review by Unbiased Editors

If you are one of those people who love moving around with their dogs in the car, you want to get the best dog car harness. We are looking at:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Control

While there are no good statistics on dog car accidents, you want to be on the safe side always. There are various products available in the market so picking the right one may prove to be a challenge. With the following guide, you will be able to purchase the right kind of harness.

Best Dog Car Harnesses

Top-Rated 10 Dog Car Harnesses 2021 : Comparison List

Psst! The list below is quite long and detailed. Don’t have time for that? The following shortened list is for you.

1Kurgo Dog Harness | Car Harness for DogsRedMedium
2EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car HarnessBlackMedium
3SlowTon Dog Car Harness Plus Connector StrapRedMedium
4RUFFWEAR, Load Up, Dog Car HarnessBlackMedium
5Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest HarnessA-BlackMedium
6Cosy Meadow Escape Proof Dog HarnessLime GreenSmall
7Lukovee Dog Car Safety HarnessBurgundyLarge
8Mighty Paw Car Dog HarnessBlackMedium
9DEXDOG Chest Plate HarnessTurquoiseSmall
10Dog Harness No Pull No Choke Adjustable VestHarness-Black Large

1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness 3055 Series

This harness comes in a variety of sizes and can be used to walk your dog. You can also use it while traveling because it has a dog tether for the car.

In addition, it has a leash that you can use when outside with your dog.  So for one harness you have two uses which makes it quite economical. You have different sizes to choose from depending on your dog species and its weight.

Moreover, it has been crash tested and certified. Kurgo can support a dog up to 75lbs and keep it safe in case of a car crash. You do not have to worry about your dog disturbing you as you drive.

The car tether will hold your dog in place and minimize movement during emergency situations and under normal circumstances.

Key Features

With five points for adjustment to fit your dog’s size and shape, this is the harness to go for. It is neither too tight nor too loose on your dog. The no-pull D ring will aid in training your dog because pulling leads to spinning and, therefore, no risk of neck injury to the dog.

Besides being comfortable, it has steel nesting buckles. This means it is strong and durable thus no risk of snapping when in use or when the dog is trying to break free.

Once you have fastened it, even the biggest dog cannot escape. The padded chest plates provide comfort and keep your dog safe.


  • Kurgo offers you a variety of sizes to choose from
  • Its compatibility with car seat belt systems is guaranteed
  • Your dog’s safety in the car is taken care of


  • No lifetime warranty when purchased from unauthorized dealer

2. EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness – Crash Tested US FMVSS 213 Certified Medium

This harness has been crash-tested and certified to be safe to use in your vehicle and can keep your dog safe. It is very easy to use in the car as fitting it is simple.

From the top of the harness, connect both webbing handles to the seat belt and click it. This will ensure your dog is immobile as you travel but able to lie down or sit up.

It has a chest plate section that has contours and is available in different sizes. This enables the plate to mold in to the shape of your dog’s chest, thus fitting sufficiently.

In addition, comfort and safety is guaranteed. Just make sure to pick the right size for your pet by taking measurements before purchasing Ezydog.

Key Features

It has tri-glides made from aluminum alloy. As a result, it is light and will not make your dog strain because of extra weight.

Moreover, it is very strong and durable. All the webbings on the harness are made from strong materials of high quality. There is no risk of it giving way when in use or your dog escaping.

The harness has an instant closure system fitted with Mag-Lok. The initial fitting after purchasing the harness is what you will be required to do.

Afterwards, you just put it on and take it off using Mag-Lok. This makes your work so easy and saves you time.


  • This harness has two D-rings to attach to your leash
  • It is strong and long lasting
  • You have varied sizes to fit your dog


  • It is not for small dog breeds

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3. SlowTon Dog Car Harness Plus Connector Strap

First, this is one of the simplest of harnesses, very easy to use. The chest part comes with two buckles so your dog does not need to step into it as you put it on.

Similarly, the harness strap has four buttons for adjustment. Its safety seatbelt is elastic and moves to suit your desired length.

Secondly, it comes in varying sizes to suit your dog and it is very strong. This is as a result of the PP material used in making it.

The two D-rings on its back side are made from nickel that is iron plated for strength and easy attachment to the seat belt or leash. Take measurements of your dog to be sure which size to go for.

Key Features

The chest harness is made from a double mesh with flannelette edge. This not only gives comfort, but also absorbs sweat, relieves pressure and keeps your dog feeling fresh. So, you can go for long walks during the hot weather and your dog will be fine.

This harness is safe and comfortable as it is designed to wrap around the dog’s neck and body. The straps are tight but do not pull against the dog. Your dog will be secure on the journey and there is no risk of the straps breaking or the dog escaping.


  • This harness is strong and long lasting
  • It is compatible with most vehicles
  • The harness belt can be used as a leash


  • It can only be hooked to the back seat of the vehicle

4. Ruffwear Safety Harness Car-Sized Series

This harness is unique because it has a name tag pocket. You write your dog’s name on a card and put it into the pocket. You can add an address or a telephone number.

This may come in handy in case your dog wanders away and gets lost. Identification is important during dog trainings and a name tag makes this efficient.

Apart from being crash-tested and certified, this type of harness is secure and strong. It is made with strength-rated metal components.

You can use it for long and you are assured of your dog’s safety on journeys and even during walks. No risk of escapes or snapping.

Key features

It has an aluminum ring on the back and a webbing loop on the front part of the harness. The ring and loop are strong and are meant for attaching your leash for walks and on to the seatbelt when traveling.

In fact, they are comfortable so there is no fear of tear when the dog pulls on it or injury on your pet’s body. The Ruffwear harness has reflective features.

Your dog can be seen at night or in poor visibility environment. This is a good safety measure.  You can also hand wash it with a mild detergent and air it to dry.


  • The harness can be used all the time
  • It has a pocket for a name tag
  • The material used on it is reflective


  • It does not come with a leash

5. PAWABOO Dog Safety Vest Harness, Adjustable Car Safety Mesh Harness

It comes with a lead clip for the seatbelt. Despite keeping your dog under control, it allows flexibility. Your dog can sit up, lie down or roll over without getting entangled in the straps. The dog cannot cause distractions to the driver or jump out of the window.

In case of a sudden stop, your pet is held securely and is safe. The buckles on both of its sides are easy to use and the straps adjustable.

After putting it on your pet’s head, you just buckle up and the journey can begin. Adjustable straps ensure the harness fits right, neither too loose nor very tight.

Key Features

Pawaboo is comfortable, of high quality and light in weight. It is made from oxford fabric which is 100% polyester.

Furthermore, the chest plate is broad and padded with sponge for safety and comfort. Your dog will have no extra weight to carry around.

The snap hook is made of stainless steel and electroplated to guarantee durability and resist abrasion. No snapping or tear even with the strongest of dogs pulling on it. Even with exposure to different weather conditions, rusting is not a problem you are likely to experience.


  • This harness is durable and resists abrasion
  • It is useable on both cats and dogs
  • The harness offers a variety of sizes to choose from


  • It is compatible with very few car models

6. Cosy Meadow Escape Proof Dog Harness – Metal Buckle Clasp

There is no chance of your dog escaping when you are using Cosy Meadow. This is as a result of the adjustable chest and neck straps. Just make sure it fits well.

The rings on it are made of stainless steel that has been welded. Consequently, there is no risk of breakage or rusting.

You are able to control your dog during training or in case of emergencies with the use of the sturdy handle this harness has. When you have pets that are physically challenged, you can use the handle to help them into the vehicle. This handle is very useful and makes handling your pet less stressful.

Key Features

This harness is comfortable with reflective threads all around it. At night and when there is poor visibility, your dog will still be safe as it can be seen.

Its sleeves are well padded with soft materials to prevent your dog’s limbs from rubbing against each other. Neoprene is the fabric used on it and it is very comfortable and durable.

It is made in a special way to ensure it does not touch your dog’s throat. This keeps the sensitive areas like throat and trachea safe from injury when your pet lunges or pulls. So, no need to worry about choking in case you are away and your dog has to be on its own.


  • This harness has reflective features
  • The buckles make it easy to use
  • It is strong, reliable and comfortable


  • No size for some dog breeds

7. Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness with Seatbelt

This harness has nylon straps that are made from PP material making it very strong and escape-proof. Additionally, the seat belt is elastic allowing for movement and laying down.

You can adjust the straps to your desired length. The safety of your dog is guaranteed.

There are two buckles on the chest part. For this reason, putting on and removal of Lukovee is simple.

Moreover, the four buttons on the harness strap make adjusting possible. Your dog is safe and comfortable as the harness wraps around the body and neck.

Key Features

The harness’ chest vest is made from breathable mesh. This helps to absorb sweat and aids in relieving pressure from your pet.

In fact, the mesh has double material with a flannelette edge. During the cold weather, the mesh keeps the body temperature constant, so your dog will be warm.

Apart from the car functions, the harness can be used on regular basis. This means you do not need to have two.

Just use your normal retractable leash and attach to the harness. The dog can also have it during play time as it fits well and allows movement.


  • Lukovee harness is compatible with most standard vehicles
  • It has a connector strap
  • This harness is easy to put on and off


  • The sizes do not fit some dog breeds

8. Mighty Paw 11274670 Vehicle Safety Harness

It is made in varying sizes with high quality materials for durability and efficiency. The materials are weatherproof and cleaning them is easy.

You can pick a size that best fits your dog species. Still, you are advised to pick a size slightly larger than that of your dog then adjust it accordingly.

The chest part has breathable material with padding. It is also light and absorbs sweat. This keeps your dog comfortable.

The padding aids in relieving pressure and cushioning in case of impact on the chest. It also has two leash attachment points, one at the front and another on the back.

Key Features

The harness is very easy to use because of the tri-glide attachments and durable clips. You can use it frequently without worrying about the clips and tri-glides breaking. They are firm and will ensure that your dog is immobile but at the same time able to lie down or sit up.

Besides having reflective stitches for enhanced visibility at night, Mighty Paw can be used as a regular harness. You can take your dog for walks by simply attaching a leash to the harness.

Therefore, there is no need of having two harnesses for travel and regular activities. This also saves time as handling dogs can sometimes be cumbersome.


  • Mighty Paw has reflective features
  • The harness offers comfort and efficiency
  • It comes in various sizes


  • It has no safety belt for attachment to your car seat

9. Dexdog Padded Chest Plate Harness

This harness comes in different sizes and colors. After getting the measurements on your dog, you can go ahead and purchase Dexdog.

There is a table showing the sizes and you can compare them against the weight, girth and neck measurements. So, you will need to be sure of what you are buying.

It comes with a year money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. If in the unfortunate event that you are dissatisfied with its services, you are at liberty to take it back and get refunded.

Amazon.com also has a 30-day refund policy. This is a good offer as you have time to test the harness and find out if it is what best suits your pet.

Key Features

Dexdogs chest plate is made with light breathable material that is layered and padded. This enhances safety as the pads offer protection to the chest in case of impact or sudden stops.

The breathable fabric keeps your dog cool as it absorbs sweat and relieves pressure. Your dog has no extra weight to move around with.

This harness is adjustable because of the sliding clips on the straps. You can fit it right and prevent escapes. The straps are also strong to offer you peace of mind even when handling a giant canine.

Your dog has no chance of breaking free. At the same time, the harness is reflective to ensure your dog can be seen at night.


  • Dexdog is comfortable and durable
  • The harness offers different size options for your pet
  • It is adjustable and easy to use


  • It does not come with an attachment for your seatbelt

10. Aplenglow Solutions 43396-22541 Dog Harness No Pull No Choke Adjustable Vest

Alpenglow solutions offer you many sizes to pick from in relation to your dog species. There is a chart to give guidance on how pick the right size in comparison to your dog’s measurements. The adjustable straps ensure it fits well and provides you with the required safety.

This harness is designed to prevent choking as it is adjustable. It goes round your dog’s neck like a collar and around the chest.

In case your dog pulls on it, the pressure is evenly distributed. As such, the trachea and throat are safe and will not be pressed on.

Key Features

The straps are made of durable materials of high quality that are easy to clean and dry fast. For this reason, its strength is guaranteed.

The harness does not break or give way even when your dog pulls. When it gets dirty, you can wash it. It is also fitted with a reflective material. This means your dog is visible at night.

Besides having a D-ring for leash attachment, this harness has a sturdy handle at the top. This helps you to control your dog during training or when assisting it into the vehicle.

The handle is strong to support your dog’s weight. When you have a huge kind of a dog, this handle is helpful.


  • It has reflective material
  • The harness is made of durable material
  • It has a parachute clasp that is easy to use


  • It has no seatbelt safety strap

Buying Guide for Best Dog Car Harnesses

The worst thing you can do is just walk into a store and buy a dog harness without doing a few crucial things like:


When you walk into a store, you are likely to see harnesses that look good and are cheap so why not get one? That would be a serious mistake. You may end up spending more on a dog car harness because of making a wrong choice.

You will be one of those people who have closets full of useless dog gear: what a waste of money! So, before you bring out that credit card, research on dog car harness types and decide which one will suit your pooch best.

Measure your Dog

The only way you can get a dog harness that fits properly is by measuring your dog. However, this is actually harder than you may think. Many dog owners have bought something that was ill fitting for their dogs just because they did not measure. You are not an exception.

Let your tape measure give you a snug feeling when you measure your dog. The chest area, girth, and neck should be your points of interest when measuring.

What is the Harness for?

When your dog wears the harness, what will they be doing? Of course, this guide is about car harnesses. As such, you do not want to purchase a harness meant to control your dog when they are running or swimming.

If you are unsure about anything, be sure to ask for help from the store attendant.

Dog Size

Perhaps this is the most important factor to consider before purchasing a dog car harness. Is your dog big or small? You do not want to get a harness meant for a big dog for your small pooch as it will be a waste of money and you will be putting your dog at risk since they will not be properly secured in your car.

How to Care for your Dog Car Harness

A dog car harness should last for long and remain in good condition with proper care. Here are some things you can do to guarantee that.

Clean It

Using a damp piece of cloth is a conventional method but still works fine. Keep your dog harness clean by wiping it down with water and a piece of cloth every now and then.

This will eliminate any dust and dirt.

Use the right products

This is especially true if you are using a leather harness. This is because leather tends to dry out so it is good to restore it to its glory and give it more body.

After wiping your harness down with a damp piece of cloth and allowing it to dry, you can apply some conditioner. Use a natural translucent color and allow the harness to dry.

Store Correctly

If you are able to purchase different kind of harnesses for your dog, you might want to store them separately based on the material used to make them.

Keep your harnesses away from direct sunlight in a cool dry place. However, ensure that your storage area has enough air circulation to prevent growth of mildew.

Benefits of Dog Car Harnesses

Harnessing your dog while driving is beneficial in several ways including:


It can be difficult to control your dog especially if it is big and strong. With a dog car harness, you will be able to control your pooch when they get excited in the car.

A harness distributes pressure on the entire body of your dog so the risks of injuring it are minimal.


You can use a collar to tie your dog but if it is serious about wanting to escape, it can free itself one way or the other.

Using a harness is better because it is designed to cover a huge area of your dog’s body and this will restrict it from escaping.

Prevent Ocular Proptosis

Having your dog on a collar may cause its eyes to pop from their sockets and this is the condition we refer to as ocular proptosis.

With a harness, you do not have to worry about such conditions because pressure will not be applied to the neck only but the entire body. Therefore, even if your pooch pulls, they will be safely secured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is normal to have questions and we know that you have quite a few when it comes to this topic. Below we have answered some commonly asked ones that we hope can be of help to you.

How do I know what size of harness to get for my dog?

Harnesses are usually sold by the weight of a dog but you can use a measuring tape to get measurements that are more precise.

Is a dog car harness safe?

Your dog is as susceptible to car accidents and injuries just as you are. By securing your dog with a safety harness as you drive, you reduce their chances of being badly injured in the event of an accident.

Does my dog need a car harness?

Yes, it does and this goes for every other pet that you have in your car as well. There is actually a rule that states that any animal in a moving car should be restrained to avoid distracting the driver.

Dog Car Harness Best Pick

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness 3055 Series is our most favorite dog car harness. It is highly adjustable and multifunctional. Plus it comes with high-quality buckles and D-ring for better control and durability.

Final Thoughts

The best dog car harness should be able to secure your pooch safely while you are driving. There is no reason why you should not enjoy out of town trips or daily errand runs with your pooch.

This guide will definitely help you make the right choice when purchasing a harness for your dog.

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