The 20 Best Cat Trees in 2021 – Reviews

Chances are that you do not own a cat if the thought of buying a cat tree has never crossed your mind. This is because you will discover early enough that allowing your cat to have their own space is vital for a seamless co-existence.

Your cat will naturally want to scratch, nap, climb, and perch all in one day, and what better way to satisfy all these urges than by getting them the best cat tree?

With a cat tree, you will not only make your kitty happy, you will also be improving their quality of life.

You will be able to salvage your furniture and ensure that your space is not covered in cat hair.

Also known as a cat tower or cat condo, a cat tree is definitely a must have in any house that has a cat. Walk with us as we take you through the process of buying the ideal cat tree.

The 20 Top-Rated Cat Trees in 2021: Comparison List

Looking for a well-made tree for your kitty? Here’s our comprehensive guide on which ones we think are the best choices overall.

1FEANDREA 67″ Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large CatsSmoky Gray64.7 pounds
2The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower FurnitureEspresso68.8 pounds
3Paws & Pals 3-in-1 Cat Scratching Post w/Hammock7.7 pounds
4Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72HBeige66 pounds
5TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree9.4 pounds
6Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat TreeBeige40.1 pounds
7Go Pet Club Cat TreeBlack49.6 Pounds
8Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige ColorBeige20 Pounds
9Armarkat Cat Tree Model A6501Beige Condo21.8 Pounds
10Go Pet Club Cat Tree,47.5-inch,BrownBrown29.5 Pounds
11Furhaven Pet Cat TreeGray42 Pounds
12MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree | Salvador CatBlack13 Pounds
13BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat CondoBeige 72″ 41.7 Pounds
14Vesper Cat Tree, High Base40.5 Pounds
15FEANDREA 56.3 inches Multi-Level Cat TreeLight Gray35 Pounds

1. FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree

Covered with strong sisal, the cat tree remains presentable for long as it can withstand cat scratches. Your cat or kitten can sharpen their claws without causing unwanted damages to the surfaces in its house.

P2-grade particle board is used on this cat condo that is CARB-certified and durable. Its main function is providing stability, making it safe for your cat to jump around.

Key Features

This cat playhouse is designed professionally with great consideration of your cat’s comfort. Inside, a furry ball that has a bell is provided for your cat to play with.

The cat tree is stable but you have to place it against a corner while making sure the surface is flat. Also ensure that the area is humid free and children are kept away from the cat condo.


  • It provides scratching surfaces
  • The cat tree has toys for play
  • This tree condo is spacious and comfortable
  • The playhouse is multi-layered


  •  Assembling the product needs at least two people

2. The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

This cat tower is sleek with an organic design that easily blends with any environment. Moreover, it takes up minimal space while offering your cat a place to climb, rest and play.

The platforms on the tower are large and the stepped shelves are for easy climbing. This cat tower with a cushioned cubby at the bottom can have many cats at the same time.

Key Features

The cat tower has several parts that need assembling when you purchase it. The tools to use are provided but it may take time before you have the tower standing.

The platforms on the tower are carpeted with Velcro for comfort and durability. Moreover, the parts that get worn out are replaceable.


  • You can replace worn out parts
  • The covers on the cushions are washable
  • Many cats can use the tower at the same time
  • It has a scratching pad made of sisal


  •  Assembling the cat tower using the tools included takes time

3. Cat Tree Condo Tower Post

The cat house has posts that are covered with sisal rope to provide a scratching surface. Your cat can scratch as much as possible for healthy nails.

This cat tower has a ball that is attached by a string to the hammock for your cat to play with. The ball is designed to withstand bites, scratches, slashes, licks, and rubs.

Key Features

The sturdy pressed wood used to make the cat tower is durable while the fleece wrapping provides comfort. Your cat can play on the tower or rest on it.

Assembling the tree condo is a simple task, considering that the instructions manual is included. You only need to fasten the four screws and your tower is ready.


  • The tree condo is strong and durable
  • This cat tree is easy to assemble
  • It has a hanging ball for play
  • The posts are sisal-covered for scratching


  • The tower is only for indoor use

4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The boards used on this cat tree are of high quality meaning they are durable. Moreover, they are safe for your pet to play or lie on.

The faux fur cover on the trees is comfortable and soft. There are no sharp corners likely to cause injury to your cat.

Key Features

The lining on the posts is a sisal rope in its natural state. This is good for scratching since it is a cat’s nature to scratch in order to have healthy paws.

This cat tree is designed to accommodate many cats and it has four cubbies where your cats can hide or sleep in. You need to assemble it carefully to have it functioning as required.


  • There are four condos on this cat tree
  • The cat tree can accommodate many cats
  • The posts have sisal for scratching
  • This cat tree is stable


  • The posts are made of paper cardboard which can easy to break

5. Trixie Pet Product Baza Cat Trees

The two posts on the cat tree are covered with natural sisal for your cats to scratch their paws on. This helps prevent your furniture and carpet from paw damage.

The hammock provides a comfortable place to rest or sleep away from disturbances. This hammock has a metallic rim to add support and to prevent your cat from falling.

Key Features

There is a pom-pom dangling from the hammock for your cat to play with. Moreover, this cat tree can be used by cats of all ages for any activity.

Assembling the Trixie cat tree is straightforward as there are only two screws that attach the base and the legs of the tree. Furthermore, it is stable and lasts for a long time.


  • The hammock is comfortable
  • The cat tree is easy to assemble
  •  It has a pom-pom for your cat to play with
  • The cat tree can accommodate more than one cat


  • Some customers have complained of the particleboard crumbling

6. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

This cat tree is made of durable quality boards. They are safe for your cat’s activities with minimal risk of breakage.

The trees are covered in faux fur providing the needed comfort for your cat although the corners are very sharp and can harm your pet.

Key Features

All the posts are covered in natural sisal rope for scratching purposes. Your cat can continue with its scratching but not at the expense of your furniture or carpet.

This cat tree has unique features like the hanging toys, a tunnel, a ladder, and a condo. All these keep your cat entertained.


  • There are hanging toys on this cat tree
  • The cat tree is durable
  • It can accommodate many cats
  • The sisal-covered posts provide a scratching surface


  • This cat tree best suits small sized cats

7. Go Pet Club 72” Cat Tree

Assembling the cat tree is simple since it comes with a manual and assembling tools. You just need to work on it carefully to ensure everything goes in its rightful place.

The posts on the tree are covered with sisal. Your cat can scratch its paws and stay away from your carpet and furniture.

Key Features

This cat tree is efficient for multiple cats. It has two condos and many elevated platforms at different levels, all to make your cat have fun.

Go Pet cat tree is made of compressed wood that is durable and finished with faux far; therefore, it is comfortable.


  • The cat tree is strong and comfortable
  • This cat tree has 15 levels
  • The posts are sisal-covered for scratching
  • The cat tree is comfortable


  • The corners can harm your cat

8. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

The boards used on this tree condo are of high quality hence safe for use. Your cat can engage in any activity on the playhouse with no risk of falling.

The faux fur covering all the trees is for a comfortable feel while enhancing safety. Unfortunately, the corners are not very cat-friendly since they are sharp.

Key Features

The cat tree has three levels plus it can have multiple cats on it. On the flip side, it is meant for the small-sized cats.

The posts on the tree are all covered in sisal that is durable. Therefore, your cat has a place to sharpen its paws rather than using your carpet or furniture.


  • The tree condo is easy to assemble
  • The posts provide a scratching surface
  • The cat tree can support multiple cats
  • It has three tiers


  • This condo house is designed for small cat breeds

9. Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree

This cat tree is made with good quality materials of many amazing colors. Therefore, it easily blends with any kind of décor.

The base on the Armarkat cat tree ensures stability even when your cats play and shakes the tree. Moreover, it can accommodate many cats.

Key Features

The materials used to make this cat tree are pet-friendly and safe for the owner too. Furthermore, the cat tree is properly designed to ensure safety.

This cat tree is able to support a weight of up to 50 pounds with no problem at all. Additionally, the faux fur provides comfort for your cats.


  • Assembling this cat tree is simple
  • The tree can accommodate many cats
  • The materials used in the cat tree are pet-friendly
  • It is strong and stable


  • The cat tree cannot support big cats jumping on it

10. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House

The tree condo has many elevated platforms at different levels for your cat’s use. However, the top tier is unable to support the weight of big cats and it easily topples over.

The condo house is durable since it is made of compressed wood. The faux fur wrapping the wood makes it comfortable and safe for your cat to use.

Key Features

The posts on the cat tree are covered in sisal rope for your cat to scratch. This keeps your furniture and carpet free from scratches that would otherwise damage them..

Assembling this tree condo is fast and easy as you are provided with the instructions plus tools to use. Carefully follow the instructions for a perfect pet playhouse.


  • The posts have scratching surfaces
  • The cat tree is easy to assemble
  • The base provides stability
  • Multiple cats can use the cat tree


  • The top tiers cannot support big cats

11. Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

The cat tree has many cat toys to keep your cat entertained. Moreover, it has a double-decker design with different platform levels for your cat to use.

The inside and outside of the pet tree are lined with soft faux fur. Therefore, your cat is able to get a comfortable place to curl up.

Key Features

This cat tree can be used by many cats and it has many toys to keep them busy. The two separate condos serve as good hideouts.

The sisal-covered posts allow your cat to scratch without limit since it is their nature to do so. The sisal is durable and can withstand claw damage.


  • This cat tree has many toys
  • Cleaning this tree tower is a simple task
  • The sisal on the posts provide a scratching surface
  • The pet tree is lined with soft faux fur


  • The instructions manual has minimal details

12. Midwest Cat Furniture Durable

This cat furniture has a sisal pad that is tough to withstand frequent scratching. It provides your cat with the surface to scratch to make the nails healthy and strong.

Assembling the cat tree is easy as you are provided with the tools for the task. You need to be careful when assembling to get the best results.

Key Features

The base on this cat tree is solid and it is made of whimsical for stability. It does not topple over even with multiple cats playing on it.

The cat tree has a hanging pom-pom for your cat to play with. In addition, the design blends well with most decors


  • The sisal pad caters for scratching habits
  • The cat tree is easy to assemble
  • It is stylish and unique
  • This cat tree is strong and stable


  • The pressboard becomes mushy and crumbles up if it gets wet

13. BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower

The sisal covering the posts ensures your cat has a place to scratch, not your carpet or furniture. Scratching helps the cat’s nails to grow properly and debris is removed from them.

The cat tower is made of a high-density board that is durable and strong. This provides safety to your cat even during vigorous play.

Key Features

The supporting tubes are made of glued cardboard that is compressed. Their function is to firmly hold the platforms to prevent wobbling that may result in your cat falling.

The cat tree has three toys to keep your pet amused and entertained. The toys are safe since they have been made from non-toxic cat-friendly materials.


  • The condo on this cat tree is spacious and comfortable
  • The supporting tubes are thicker and more firm
  • Installing this cat tower is simple
  • It has surfaces for scratching


  • The perches on the tower shake and fall off

14. Vesper Cat Furniture

The cat furniture is available in various designs for you to pick your most preferred in relation to your cat’s activities. You can get the V-Double, V-Base, V-High Base or V-High Lounge.

They are easy to install and offer stability for those vigorous cat activities. Chances of falls or breakages are minimal, thus your cat is safe.

Key Features

The cushions on Vesper cat furniture are removable for easy cleaning. In addition, the scratching surfaces are strategically placed and can also be removed.

The edges have been smoothened to ensure they do not injure your pet or you. Moreover, the color combinations blend well with any kind of décor.


  • The cushions are removable
  • You have a variety of designs to choose from
  • Installing the cat furniture is a simple task
  • The cat furniture is designed with stability in mind


  • The posts are prone to mold growth

15. FEANDREA 58 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

The sisal rope used on this cat tree is natural and strong to withstand frequent paw scratches. Your cat gets where else to sharpen its nails other than your carpet and furniture.

The particleboard is of high density and its main function is ensuring that the cat tree is stable. Therefore, your cat can jump around and play without the risk of topples or breakages.

Key Features

This cat tree has supporting tubes that are made of compressed glued cardboard. These tubes ensure the cat tree does not wobble when being used.

The many levels on the tree can accommodate many cats with each engaging in different activities. This is a stylish and durable cat playhouse.


  • There is a sisal rope is for your cat to scratch on
  • The cat tree has toys
  • It is stable and durable
  • Many cats can use it at the same time


  • This product is not easy to assemble

16. FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats

This cat tree is designed for large cat breeds and it is the best cat tree for small apartment. It takes up minimal space as compared to other cat trees.

The posts are lined with sisal to provide scratching surfaces for your cat. The end result is a damage-free carpet or furniture.

Key Features

The cat tree has strong supporting tubes that are made from glued compressed cardboard. The tubes deal with wobbling by offering steady support.

This cat tree has wide perches since it is designed for large cats to make them comfortable. Moreover, the lounger is plush-lined for better relaxation.


  • The perches on the cat tree are wide
  • The cat tree is stable
  • It has two condo houses
  • This cat house takes up minimal space


  • It is not suitable for humid environments

17. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

The posts on the cat tree are what your cat can scratch on instead of your carpet or furniture. This is because they are lined with sisal ropes that can withstand constant scratching.

The material used to make the board is pressed wood. This makes them strong and able to support your cat when it is using the tree.

Key Features

The cat tree has several levels and it can accommodate many cats. In addition, the faux fur covering makes it comfortable for your cats to play on.

Assembling the cat tree is simplified by the instructional manual and the tools provided. You just need to be keen to ensure the screws are properly tightened.


  • The cat tree is useable by multiple cats
  • It is easy to assemble
  • This cat tree is stable and durable
  • A scratching surface is available


  • This cat tree is unsuitable for big cats due to its size

18. Amazon Basics Cat Tree with Cave

The cat tree’s pillars for scratching are made of jute rope that is durable. Your cat has a place to scratch and develop healthy nails.

The chipboard used on the cat tree is strong and durable. It is able to keep the playhouse stable even with jumps from your cats.

Key Features

The carpet in the condo is plush to give a comfortable feel during rest or play. Furthermore, the condo provides privacy whenever your cat needs to hide.

This cat house is meant for many cats since it has several tiers and a ladder for easy access. The pom-pom keeps your cat busy.


  • The cat tree has a rough texture to aid in proper nail growth
  • The house is stable and strong
  • It comfortably supports many cats
  • The condo is comfortable


  • The font of the instructions makes them hard to read

19. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture

This tree condo is made of plush material with perches that are nicely cushioned and a cozy hammock. Your cat is comfortable at all times, whether it is playing or resting.

The posts have sisal rope covering them to provide scratching surfaces for your cat. Scratching is important for your cat’s proper nail growth.

Key Features

The cat condo is easy to put together as the tools for use are provided with the packaging. The final product is an attractive cat tree that blends in with the immediate environment.

This tree condo has been constructed well with a solid design that is well balanced. It is stable and can withstand those rigorous cat movements during play.


  • The scratch posts are replaceable
  • The cat tree is simple to assemble
  • It is durable and stable
  • The perches are cushioned for comfort


  • This cat tree will not do well with a big cat

20. FEANDREA Sturdy Cat Tree with Scratching Board

This cat tree is stable since its base is batten-strengthened. Moreover, it has anti-toppling straps to ensure it remains standing through all the cat activities.

The cat tree has carb-certified boards that are lined with plush material. This makes the cat house strong and at the same time comfortable.

Key Features

The climbing poles are covered with sisal for scratching purposes and the top pad is designed to be scratched too. Therefore, your cat’s nails are well developed with no destructive effects on furniture or the carpet.

The FEANDREA cat tree is a fun place for your cats since it has many tiers that can accommodate many of them. Moreover, the condos are spacious while offering a nice view of the whole house.


  • This cat tree has anti-toppling devices
  • The platform on it is padded
  • The climbing poles have sisal on them
  • The many tiers can accommodate multiple cats


  • Some adult cats do not find the scratching posts tall enough

Buying Guide for Best Cat Tree

You want to consider several factors if you want to get value for your money when it comes to buying a cat tree.

The Design

As you search for the best cat tree, you need to keep in mind that they come in various sizes and shapes to serve various purposes.

A cat tree offers the perfect spot for your cat to relax and just lounge around. If you can position it close to a window, the better since they will be able to watch whatever is going on outside.

The fact that a cat tree also offers an elevated spot is also a plus because cats love to perch at high places. From having a cat bed to offering a place where they can scratch, cat trees come in an assortment of designs to choose from.

Your Cat’s Character

As you are picking the ideal cat tree, you want to consider the activity level, size and age of your kitty. For instance, if your cat loves to climb, you might want to get them a tall tree with several climbing levels.

If you have more than one cat, you want to get a cat tree for multiple pets that will be able to accommodate them.

Perhaps your kitty is now aging and would appreciate a comfy and easily accessible napping spot. You want to get a cat tree that will cater to such needs.

Ensure that you have your cat’s character in mind as you choose a cat tree for them.

Scratching Exterior

All cats have the urge to scratch, but they have different scratching preferences. One cat would love to scratch on sisal or wood, while another would rather scratch on a carpeted surface.

If you are unsure about what your cat likes, there are numerous modern cat trees that come with different surfaces in a single tree to fit your kitty’s preference.

Tree Durability

The cat tree you get should be able to withstand the playful nature of your cat and not fall apart every time they jump on it.

It all boils down to the material used to make the cat tree. For instance, solid oak will be sturdier than particle board.

If the tree tips over while your cat is on it, they may get scared and avoid climbing it. Check the tree you plan to buy to ensure that it is sturdy enough.

Weight of your Cat

What breed is your cat? How much do they weigh? The cat tree you get them should be able to accommodate their weight.

You do not want to get a cat tree that will fall over the moment your cat gets onto it.

Your Budget

How much do you want to spend on the cat tree? These trees range from affordable to extravagant so you want to carry out a bit of research before settling on one.

There is no reason why you should spend too much on a single need when your cat has various needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Cat Tree

Of course, we expect several questions when it comes to cat trees and the best one for your kitty. We have answered a few that can get some of your curiosity satisfied.

Where is the best place to place my cat tree?

There is no perfect place, but a warm area, with ample lighting would be ideal. If your cat prefers to sleep on an elevated area, you might want to place their bed at the highest point of the tree.

The tree offers a perfect place for your cat to rest, play, and watch whatever is going on around them so ensure it is in a comfortable place.

What makes a good cat tree?

An ideal cat tree should be strong enough to withstand your cat’s weight and their daily activities such as climbing and jumping.

It should also be comfortable and offer a safe haven for your kitty. Having one or more cat scratching posts is also a plus because your cat needs somewhere to satisfy their scratching urges.

How do I attract a cat to a cat tree?

Use catnip, treats, or toys to attract your cat to the tree. Sprinkle a generous amount of catnip on the tree if your cat responds to it.

Dangle their favorite toy on the tree or place a few treats on there to encourage them to climb. With time, it will come naturally to them.

Do all cats like to climb?

Yes, it comes naturally to them. With their strong hindquarters and muscled backs, cats have the incredible power to jump both vertically and horizontally.

It is therefore very normal for your cat to climb high places and jump.

Best Overall Choice

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree has superb features that will make your cat have a wonderful experience, whether it is playing or resting. Most customers have reviewed this product as excellent as it checks all the right boxes. This is our best cat tree and we highly recommend it.

Final Thoughts

Ideally, cats should be out in the wild playing and climbing as much as they would like to. However, since we domesticate them and keep them indoors, it is important to support their inclinations with modern innovations like the cat tree.

Studying product features and reading reviews will get you on the right track to getting the perfect cat tree for your kitty.

With the right cat tree, you cat will have a comfy place to sleep and relax, as well as play and scratch.

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