The Best Cat Carrier 2021 – 12 Popular Choices

Travelling with your pet can sometimes prove to be a hassle more so if it is a cat. To be honest, not all cats enjoy travelling and rightfully so. No one likes to be in an unfamiliar, small environment as it can cause nervousness.

Fortunately, you can get a cat carrier to make your cat’s traveling experience:

  • Comfortable
  • Enjoyable

You want to get the best cat carrier if you want your cat to enjoy your trips and that is where this guide comes in handy. Read on to find out how to make the right choice.

Best Cat Carrier

12 Best Cat Carriers in 2021 Latest – Comparison List

Here is a list of some of the carriers that caught our attention. We’ll review them in detail the sections that follow.

1Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Cat Carrier17” x 13” x 14”Military Gray
2PetLuv “Happy Cat Premium Cat CarrierMedium-LargeNavy Blue
3Necoichi Portable Ultra-Light Cat Carrier20x15x14 inchesBeige
4Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier18 x 10.5 x 11 inchesDeja Blue
5Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Travel CarrierLargeBlue
6Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier,LargeBlush Tan
7SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier20 x 12 inches
8Pet Gear Signature Pet Car Seat & CarrierSignature Pet CarrierAqua
9SLEEKO Luxury Pet CarrierGray
10A4Pet Collapsible Pet Carrier for Cat and DogSBlack
11Mypal Expandable Soft Pet Carrier
12BlitzWolf Anzone Pet Portable CarrierSBlack

1. Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Cat Carrier

This cat carrier is made of mesh and designed to allow sufficient air circulation. The front part has a transparent mesh to enable your cat to have an outside view.

However, the see-through mesh is only on one side. This means your cat has to maintain one position or you have to keep turning it for different views.

The top and base of the bag are rigid. This providing a safe place for your cat to be carried in, for instance, your cat is protected when bumping occurs. The base is unlikely to give way under your cat’s weight. Likewise, the top unlikely to crumble when something falls on it.

Key Features

Apart from having a padded mat at the base of the carrier for your cat to lie on, it has a handle at the top. This will enable you to hold and carry with ease.

The handle is strong and comfortable to use. You can rely on it not to snap when in use. The padded base offers your cat comfort and a firm place to stand on.

This carrier has zippers at the base, top and the side. As a result, accessing the inside is simple and easy whether your cat is getting in or out. Your trip to the veterinary is likely to be an easy one, as your pet will be comfortable. You can also collapse the carrier to store it well.


  • Your pet is safe as the top and the bottom are solid
  • It is collapsible for easy storage
  • Access is maximized through the zippers
  • This carrier has a handle for efficient carrying


  • The transparent mesh is on one side thus limited visibility

2. PetLuv Happy Pet Cat Crate

The cat crate has a seatbelt with loops and it can be adjusted. Thus you can use it in your car safely. In addition, the seams are reinforced. This means they are strong and will keep your cat secure even when the ride gets bumpy.

Getting your cat in and out of this crate is effortless as it has four panels for access and the top can also be opened. Moreover, the access panels have flaps which use zippers and can be held by loops to keep them open. These flaps are made with transparent rubber mesh for visibility and ventilation.

Key Features

Carrying the crate is natural because of the shoulder straps that you can adjust to your desired length. The straps are made with strong material to prevent breaking due to weight. Furthermore, the crate has a pillow which you can remove for cleaning. This pillow is soft and comfortable for your cat to lie on.

The material used to make the crate is resistant to tear. Your cat’s scratching habits are unlikely to damage the walls of the mesh or allow your cat to escape.

Unfortunately, the base sags when you lift up the pet crate. This is because the bottom is not rigid. However, it can still carry your pet to your desired destination.


  • This cat carrier has seatbelt loops thus useable in the car
  • It has four flaps for quick access in and out of the crate
  • The shoulder straps which are adjustable making carrying easy
  • This crate can be folded flat for storage


  • The bottom of the crate sags a little when you carry your cat in it

3. Necoichi Portable Ultra-Light Cat Carrier

This cat carrier is light in weight making it portable. It can be cumbersome to carry your cat inside a heavy bag as you will be straining to manage the weight. The handle on the bag makes the carrying experience effortless as you have a way of lifting and holding the bag.

The fabric used on the cat carrier is easy to clean. Getting rid of your cat’s mess on the bag requires minimal effort and time. In addition, the fabric is strong and can carry 17lbs. Breakage or tearing is unlikely as the base is firm.

Key Features

You can fold this carrier to be able to store it. Folding it needs caution as it uses spring force and you need to fold or open at a safe distance from your face.

You also need to take time to assemble it and make sure it is kept away from children’s reach. In our view, it is better to pick a carrier that even children can use.

The carrier has mesh for ventilation. Furthermore, the mesh is transparent enabling your cat to have a good view of their environment while inside the bag. In addition, the zipper on this cat carrier has a lock ring. Once you have zipped up, the lock ring ensures your cat stays in and the bag does not open unexpectedly.


  • The carrier collapses so you can store it
  • It is light in weight thus simple to carry
  • The fabric on this bag is easy to clean
  • The carrier a zipper with a lock ring to secure it well


  • The mesh on this cat carrier tears

4. Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Pet Carrier

This carrier has a tether for your leash. This comes in handy when your cat gets restless and disturbs during travel. You can leash your pet and this could calm it down while still inside the bag. Moreover, there is a holder for your pet’s name for identification.

Teslin mesh has been used for the windows on the carrier, on the top flap and on all the sides. This facilitates ventilation and your cat can see through it.

Additionally, the bag has pockets with zips for keeping papers, your pet’s treats or even their medication. This is if they are using medication.

Key Features

The pet bag is made of nylon fabric which has been coated with PVC. This results in a strong and durable bag that can carry your cat anywhere for a long duration of time without tearing. Furthermore, it is waterproof so wetness and unfavorable conditions are unlikely to affect your cat.

Besides being environmentally friendly, the carrier is chemical-free. As a result, you and your cat are safe when using this carrier. Likewise, the things around you are safe. Furthermore, it has a fleece pad that offers comfort with a plywood base inserted for support.


  • The materials used to make the carrier are environment-friendly
  • It has a mesh for air circulation
  • It has strong straps for carrying
  • This pet carrier is suited for air travel


  • The inside is made of soft material which is chewable and can get scratched by your cat

5. Pet Magasin Airline Approved Cat Carrier

This cat carrier is designed for air travel and is approved by most airlines. This is because it can fit under the plane’s seat with ease, therefore, ensuring your cat is within your reach. Furthermore, its size allows it to fit on your lap.

Some pets get upset during travel and it could be necessary to carry them on the lap to help calm them down.

The carrier is leak-proof, so the cat mess is not going to stain the surface beneath or your lap in case you have carried your pet. It is also water-resistant. This means your cat’s fur remains dry even when rain falls or water spills on the carrier. Cats and water rarely meet with pleasure.

Key Features

The floor is padded and the sides soft. These features help keep your cat comfortable when traveling and calmed. The pads on the floor make it anti-slip and the soft sides cushion your cat on bumpy rides. Consequently, the underside of the padding is rigid and strong providing a stable base.

This carrier is made of washable materials enabling you to sort cat messes with ease. In addition, the carrier has two handle designs. A suitcase-styled handle, and a removable shoulder strap that is padded which make carrying the bag simple and your pet stay comfortable.


  • The bag is light in weight making it portable
  • It is water-resistant and leak-proof
  • The carrier is foldable hence storage is simple
  • It is safe and comfortable for your cat


  • Pets can chew through the mesh lining the inside

6. Perfect Pet Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The side and top of this pet carrier can open. This allows for effortless entry and exit of your cat. The three openings can also allow you to give the cat treats. Moreover, each side has a transparent mesh for air circulation and visibility.

Your pet can see you and you can check to confirm whether your cat is well without having to open the top.

Apart from having pockets on the sides to store your things, this carrier has reflective strips which help to make your cat visible at night or in poorly lit places. Your safety and that of your cat are important. This bag takes care of both of your needs.

Key Features

Inside the carrier, there is a tether for a leash and mini buckles. You can leash your pet to reduce movement then the mini buckles keep the cat in the correct position. For air travel, your pet needs to be in a lie-down position for safety reasons. This carrier ensures that you adhere to the requirements.

The padded shoulder straps can be adjusted as whenever necessary help you to carry your cat with ease. In addition, the carrier is made of reinforced polyester making it strong. But I doubt if the bag can accommodate big pets as it can comfortably fit under the airplane seat.


  • The materials used to make it are strong and tear-free
  • It has a tether to attach your leash
  • This carrier has seatbelt buckles thus useable in the car
  • The reflective features on it enhance night visibility


  • Its size allows for small pets only

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7. SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier

This cat carrier has a side door that makes your cat getting in and out convenient as it steps into it. Then you close the door which has a lock on it. There is no chance of your pet escaping as the lock is accessible from outside. For that stubborn pet that knows how to open zippers, we highly recommend this solution.

You can fold this carrier into a compact form which allows you to keep it anywhere. This can be inside a draw or even inside your travel bag.

Furthermore, its handle has a good grip and is comfortable to carry. The handle breaking or slipping is prevented as a result of its unique design. You can carry your cat to your destination in style.

Key Features

The carrier has ventilation slats that have been made with rounded edges. First, air circulation is efficient and the rounding of the edges ensures safety. Your cat’s paws cannot get into the slats or get injured as would be the case of rough edges.

Secondly, they are wide enough to enable your cat to see the outside environment. Molded plastic that is at the same time rugged is used to make this carrier. As a result, your cleaning is made simple and fast.

In addition, plastic is strong and durable. Thus you will use this carrier for a long time. The ruggedness gives it stability and your cat is unable to tear or chew on the plastic material.


  • The pet bed that comes with the carrier is machine washable and dryer safe
  • It has a handle that offers good grip
  • You can fold the carrier and store it anywhere
  • The ventilation slats also allow for visibility


  • It is available in only two sizes

8. Pet Gear Carrier and Car Seat

Getting your cat in and out is made convenient with the three access points which use zippers. Moreover, the carrier is spacious and can accommodate up to two cats without them being uncomfortable.

This carrier is collapsible enabling you to fold it for proper storage when not in use. In addition, the base is strong and does not sag under your cat’s weight. Its collapsible nature is likely to make it a wobbly car seat for your pet. It can cave in when your cat sits at the top. I doubt if it serves its purpose well.

Key Features

It has a fleece pad that you can remove for cleaning which provides your pet with a cushioned place to lie on. The fleece pad cover is washable. Furthermore, the nylon fabric used to make the carrier is tear-resistant and cleanable by wiping.

The cat carrier has a tether for leash attachment. For the restless cat, keeping it in position would be necessary. Then you have pockets on its rear. Here you can keep the leash just in case it will be needed and any other thing you could use on your travel.


  • It is made of nylon for durability
  • The carrier has a safety belt that can be attached to the car seat
  • It has windows made of mesh for ventilation
  • The top and front doors facilitate accessibility


  • You have only two sizes to choose from

9. SLEEKO Luxury Pet Carrier

This carrier has an adjustable shoulder strap to make carrying it simple and at the same time comfortable. You adjust the length as you wish. It is made of strong fabric to minimize breakages. Furthermore, it has carry straps that are padded for a good grip.

The three openings on the bag make your cat’s entry into and out of the carrier stress-free. In addition, the four windows made of mesh cater for ventilation. Unfortunately, visibility is limited as the transparent mesh is very small. This means your pet’s view of the outside is unfavorable and this can make them restless.

Key Features

The airline approval is as a result of the carrier being able to fit under the plane seat. This enables you to keep a closer watch of your cat. Furthermore, your cat stays in the lie-down position which is recommended because of the bag’s size.

Polyester is a strong fabric. Since it is used in making this pet carrier, it means the carrier is sturdy and resistant to tear. Your cat may scratch but escaping is impossible, as said by the manufacturer. Some reviews say the pets were able to break through the mesh. Just remember to be alert and keep checking as cats can be mischievous.


  • This pet carrier has reflective features
  • It is airline approved
  • The carrier collapses hence efficient for storage
  • You can use it in the car as it has seatbelt buckles


  • It is available in medium size only

10. A4Pet Collapsible Cat Carrier

The carrier is light in weight hence portable with ease. Imagine carrying two heavy things, your pet and a bag. Moreover, the base is strong preventing it from sagging when lifted up. This is because of the removable rigid yet comfortable pad that is placed at the bottom.

It has side and top openings for your cat’s access of the inside and with mesh all around it. The mesh sufficiently caters for air ventilation and its transparency lets your cat see the outside. Then you can fold it as desired and keep it well for use next time.

Key Features

Besides its approval by most airlines, this carrier is strong and durable. This is brought about by the oxford fabric it is made of that can resist tear from pet claws. You are cautioned against leaving your pet unattended to in the carrier. This bag comes out as reliable, but having to watch your cat all the time it is in the carrier is tiring.

It has a belt loop that can double up like a seatbelt. Therefore, you can use the same carrier in your car. You will be able to fasten it and keep your cat safe. Additionally, the zippers aid to keep your cat from escaping.


  • This carrier has a belt loop that doubles up as a seatbelt
  • It is made of tear-free oxford fabric
  • The cat carrier is approved by most airlines
  • It is light and hence portable


  • The zippers can fail to open or close as required

11. Mypal Expandable Soft Pet Carrier

Expandable on two sides to create more space, the bag opens outward and the inside becomes spacious. Your cat then has more room for movement or resting. Space can enable you to have two cats inside the carrier as long as they can get along.

For this bag to stay upright, two of its sides have metallic wireframe linings. Safety is compromised here as your cat can get injured or entangled between the wires. I would prefer a carrier that poses no danger to my cat.

Key Features

The mesh all around it is efficient for ventilation purposes and it also gives your cat proper outside view. When your cat sees you next to it, even the stubborn restless ones can calm. Your cat feels secure knowing you are present.

It has two access panels, the top part and on the sides. Both panels use zippers that are anti-snag meaning no escapes. You could also attach a leash to the ring inside this carrier just to keep your cat secure. This comes in handy if your pet chews on everything.


  • The carrier can expand on two sides to create more space
  • It has non-snag zippers to ensure your pet does not escape
  • Most airlines approve of its use
  • It is safe and lasts long


  • It is available in just one size

12. Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carriers

This bag is waterproof. Your cat is safe from getting wet. Moreover, it can serve as a backpack, a handbag and a bag where you safely carry things you do not want to be squashed.

It has a transparent window on the front part. This allows your cat to look outside. The design of the window gives the cat a peeping feeling, which works well for some pets.

Key Features

It has rubber feet at the bottom so it can be placed on the ground without it getting scratched. In addition, the feet keep the bag stable, preventing it from toppling over with your cat in it.

The outer surface of this bag has an anti-scratch film. This means no scratching of any kind can damage the outside. Moreover, this carrier has air vents for ventilation purposes. In spite of it being a strong bag, the size is somehow cumbersome.


  • This carrier is waterproof
  • It is a multi-purpose carrier
  • The pet carrier is durable and strong
  • Its lightweight makes it portable


  • It has just one transparent window

Buying Guide for Best Cat Carrier

The best cat carrier is not just something you walk into a store and purchase; it should have several pertinent features. Here are some of the factors you need to take into account when purchasing a carrier for your kitty.


You need to have your cat’s measurements when buying a carrier for them. This is because it makes no sense to get a carrier that you cat will not fit in.

An ideal carrier should be large enough for your cat to turn around, stand up, and lie down comfortably.

Hard or soft carrier

Determine whether a soft or hard carrier will suit your needs best. Note that hard carriers are generally strongercompared to soft carriers. That said, it can be difficult to carry them around.

On the other hand, soft carriers weigh less, but they are not robust enough to endure your cat’s scratching or chewing. If your cat will be travelling as part of the cargo hold of a plane, you might want to get them a hard carrier.

If you will be having them in the cabin, a soft carrier is preferable since it can easily fit under the seats of a plane.

Airline approved

If you frequently travel by plane, you might want to get a cat carrier that is airline approved. Be careful though because not all cat carriers that claim to be airline approved can be accepted by all airlines.Confirm with your airline before making your purchase.


Your cat is likely to overheat while in transit. Therefore, it is advisable to get a carrier that is properly ventilated.Get a hard carrier that features ventilation slots or a soft one with mesh sides.

Portability and Flexibility

A good cat carrier should be light enough to carry around easily. It should have things like adjustable shoulder straps and carry handles. Other carriers will also fold flat to facilitate easy storage which is quite useful if you are running short of storage space.


As you are making your purchase, you should not worry about getting another cat carrier in the near future. You want to buy something that will last for long even after any kind of assault from your cat.

You can rely on the durability of your cat carrier by getting one made of durable material and you can pick from various options including plastic.

How to Care for your Cat Carrier

You want to take good care of your cat carrier if you intend to use it for years to come. To achieve that, you need to ensure that your kitty is comfortable with and in it. Here are some of the things you can do to realize that dream.

Incorporate the Carrier Into your Cat’s Environment

Instead of hiding your cat’s carrier away when not in use, you can keep it where it will feature in your kitty’s daily life. It could be in the bathroom, living room, out in the yard, or wherever else they spend most of their time.

Do not begin by putting the carrier near your cat’s litter or food box because it could stress them out. However, once they get used to the carrier in other places, you can incorporate it into their feeding area.

What if you can’t have the carrier out all the time?

Then take is out a few days before your next visit to the vet’s. In so doing, you give your cat a bit of time to get used to the carrier and settle down. Remember, sudden changes are detrimental to your kitty.

Encourage them todevelop positive associations with their carrier

Spray a mat or towel every day with several pumps of calming pheromone and place it in the carrier. This will help prevent and reduce stress.

Be careful not to use too much of the pheromones because a little goes a long way! Ensure that you spray the towel or mat when it is out of the carrier rather than when it is inside. This will ensure that your cat’s nasal passages are not irritated.

Another thing you can do to reinforce the positive relationship between your kitty and their carrier is to regularly spray some diluted catnip oil on their blanket. Brushing them while in their carrier and feeding them treats also works well.

Use a carrier that opens on top for this. Moreover, it will be easier to get your cat in and out of it.

Play with your cataround and in the carrier!

Put some of your cat’s favorite toys in the carrier. They will surely be interested to get in, but if not, you can play with them around the carrier and they will warm up to it within no time.

Benefits of Cat Carriers

Naturally, we hope to achieve or enjoy something when we make an investment. The same applies when you buy your cat carrier. The following are some of the benefits of investing in one.


Perhaps you are not aware, but you will save a considerable amount of money by choosing to buy a carrier instead of other options like crates. The price largely depends on the size and brand of carrier but generally, you can actually get a good carrier for less than two hundred dollars!


Most of the cat carriersavailable in the market are soft sided even though there are several plastic ones. Since they are made of lightweight material, it goes without saying that they will be easy to carry around.

You will notice that people with smaller pets love carriers because they require minimal effort and make travelling easier.

Ideal for Small Pets

As previously mentioned, carriers are perfect for small animals. The key and most obvious reason for this is that bigger pets are difficult to lift and if you plan to travel with one you might have to consider other options.

A smaller cat is easier to carry and most importantly, it will be accepted in any airline.

Plane Approved

Did you know that carriers are the only pet transport that can be allowed inside a plane? Any other device will have to be stored together with plane cargo.

This is a huge benefit if your cat tends to be anxious, as you will be able to comfort them one on one during your trip. Moreover, it is less scary for a cat travelling by plane when they are in the cabin and this will prevent “accidents” in the course of the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is understandable to have questions about cat carriers especially is you have never used them before. In that regard, we have received numerous question on the same but here are a few we have answered that can be of help one way or the other.

Which is better, a hard or soft cat carrier?

It all depends on what you are looking for. The easiest to clean are plastic carriers. Hard carriers are heavy to lift or fit under cabin seats but they offer more protection to your cat in case of heavy impact against the carrier.

How long should my cat be in a carrier?

As long as your cat is not suffering from any health issues, they should be able to comfortably stay in their carrier for up to six hours.

Does my cat prefer a small or large carrier?

Your cat cannot speak for itself, but using common sense, you should get a carrier that is slightly bigger than your cat.

If the carrier is too big, you will have to deal with your cat moving side to side while travelling. If it is too small, your cat will cramp in it and be very uncomfortable.

Should I cover my cat carrier?

Yes, if possible. Doing so can help keep your kitty relaxed. One of the defense mechanisms that cats adopt when scared is hiding. The cover provided by a blanket will make them feel more secure.

Which One Is The Best?

Without a doubt, the Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Cat Carrier is our best pick. It is quite well-made, breathable and highly functional. We think it provides the best value for money for any quality-conscious pet-parent.

Final Thoughts

To say the least, travelling with your cat can be a stressful experience. Most cats get extremely anxious while travelling and you will be lucky if yours is among the few that travel with little or no issues.

To save yourself from all the trouble, you can get a cat carrier to transport your kitty from one place to another seamlessly.

With a carrier, you do not have to worry about your cat being in strange surroundings and with this guide, you now have all the knowledge required to get the right kind of cat carrier.

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