The 5 Best Andis Dog Clippers 2021

Grooming your dog will save you time and money. Having the best Andis dog clippers gives you time to manage the grooming schedule rather than waiting for a dog handler to show up.

The Andis Dog Clippers are some of the best in the industry. Any of these tools can help you to start your journey of being the best dog clipper in the neighborhood. These clippers are handy and versatile. The chances are that buying any of the Andis products, you can use them to handle a small section on the dog’s coat or the whole coat.

Deciding to groom your dog by clipping its coat is a conscious decision that you have about dogs looking good and be comfortable in any kind of weather. To make the best decision on what Andis clipper you taking home, here are five of our best picks in the market today.

Top 5 Andis Dog Clippers in 2021: A Comparison Chart

Below we have a handy comparison on what you are likely to encounter on the shelves. Compare and contrast their main features and make a decision from the buying guide after the product reviews.

1Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper10 x 3 x 9 inches2 pounds
2Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper9.8 x 7.7 x 2.4 inches2 pounds
3Andis ProClip UltraEdge 1-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper7.5 x 1.8 x 3.5 inches3 pounds
4Andis ProClip AGC Super 2-Speed Plus Detachable Blade Clipper10 x 8 x 2.5 inches2.2 pounds
5Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper7.2 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches2.2 pounds

1. Andis ProClip Clipper for Professional Animal Grooming

For you to purchase the 2-Speed clipper is an indication that you will also invest in multiple different blades. There is a choice of using a ceramic or an ultra-edge blade, and the device is capable of handling more than 20 blade sizes. Using this blade gives you a lot of versatility that guarantees a smooth cut.

You do not need an expert to change the detachable blades. Their finishes are smooth in comparison to attachment combs. The two-speed clippers run on 5-speed, 2-speed, and single speed options with an option pf using a chord the whole day. No more worries about battery life even when you have more than one dog,

The blade cuts through the curls of the most difficult animal coats such as the Poodle, Bichon Frise, or the Doodle. The device is using a long lasting motor that is also brushless, therefore preventing dragging and stalling while in use. Translate a difficult job into an easy one by using the two-speed Andis professional clipper.

The blade has an on/off switch for controlling the blade behavior. The ON position helps place a new blade while the OFF position enables the removal of the blade. The package bundles include an oil coolant that helps in the maintenance of lades and the machine itself.


  • The blades do not produce too much noise even when running at 120 volts
  • Works well for all pet coat types and dog breed
  • The simple design makes it easy to remove and replace the blade as well as cleaning
  • Useful for professionals who need variable speed to get the clipping done
  • Uses a 14-inch heavy duty chord that allows movement around the animals


  • Overheating of the blade cause a clipper drag
  • The ceramic blades increase the weight of the clipper

2. Andis Ultra-Edge Two-Speed Clipper with Detachable Blade

The dog clipper from Andis is a professional tool designed to glide through all types of coats. Grooming and clipping your dog should be easy and comfortable because the smart running tool supports a cool running system that offers high performance.

It has a powerful motor that is protected through sealing works in silence and has a way of soothing the most aggressive or sensitive dogs. The design is for long lasting experience and use. The internal parts and blades do not need regular oiling or application of grease to make the tool efficient.

The blade clips operate at two distinct speeds of 4,400 or 3,400 to ensure safety and speedy grooming sessions. Clipping sensitive and hard to reach areas is easy due to the detachable blade mechanism. The only thing that you should do is to switch to a more convenient blade when clipping sensitive areas like the ears.

The blade edges hold their accuracy after several clippings before the idea of replacement crosses your mind.


  • The power coming from the blade is enough to give a neat and safe grooming
  • The construction material is shatterproof making the Ultra Edge durable
  • The edge retention of the blades makes cleaning easy
  • Works at 60Hz frequency that guarantees a quiet operation


  • No guide combs in the package
  • Cooling the blades require frequent oiling

3. 1-Speed Professional Detachable Dog Clipper from Andis 

If you are in the market looking for the best Andis professional clipping tool while on a tight budget, make this tool your pick. The squad force blade delivers maximum power and performance, all in a single dog clipper tool. The motor operates on a single speed with the capacity to power you through an entire clipping session.

Detachable blades are easy to clean and change in addition to the removable drive cop that makes cleaning a simple process.  This Andis dog-clipping model has a forking switch to keep the cutter on the same level during operation. The housing is long lasting due to its deliberate design to make it break-resistant.

Despite its powerful force, this 1-Speed Professional Detachable Dog Clipper from Andis uses, its operation is quiet. Low noise is a good option if you have dogs that do not like loud noises. In as much as it is budget-friendly, it does not overheat like other dog clippers in its category.


  • Very durable housing due to its break resistance property
  • A locking switch that prevents accidental shut off while in use
  • The 14-inch cord allows easy movements around the animal
  • An excellent choice for thick coats


  • The single-speed makes it slow in its operations
  • Unsuitable for all dog breeds

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4. Andis AGC ProClip with Detachable Blade

The Super AGC ProClip has an array of excellent features that you can get at an affordable rate. It is making a name as the best choice for most dog owners. The engineering concept behind the blade operations makes them moves at faster speeds. Adjusting the speed to your convenience makes it even better for the final cut.

This dog clipper has a powerful motor that supplies the high number of strokes and enough torque on the blade for precise cuts. The detachable parts are from durable parts coated with a chrome finish to keep your tool free from corrosion and increase its durability.

The remarkable quality the blade has in clipping different, and the most challenging areas of your pet cannot go without a mention. The cut is smooth and does not heat up quickly. However, a cooling spray becomes handy if you are in for a long grooming session.

The clipper comes in a package containing the ultra-edge blade. The tool can work with both the ceramic and ultra-edge blades though sold separately. The Super AGC ProClip has some of the biggest blade selection in the market.


  • The machine operates quietly and cannot stress your pet
  • Has a durable, shatterproof outer construction
  • The fast and powerful motor delivers precision cuts
  • The detachable blade system is versatile


  • Blade takes a long time to cool down
  • May not work on matted pets or dogs with thick coats

5. Andis Excel Pro Dog Clipper – 5-Speed with Detachable Blade 

Andis Excel Pro Dog Clipper has you and your dog in mind to give you a happy and satisfying grooming session. The tool is impressive for its suitability to work on the entire pets’ body. The device will easily find its way to a professional pet groomer because of its lightweight and handy design.

The high-speed motor delivers 4,000 cutting speed per minute for faster and effective delivery. Use the pro tool and leave your pet looking prettier. It has an amazing speed with very quiet clippers. Use the long chord to clip the dog from any direction and include all areas of the dog’s coat.

The twin blades can swap on the same motor making it easy to manage your pet’s body. Adjusting for the legs, body, and face is an easy task as you select the most appropriate clipper size.

The cutter has an extra-large Ultra Edge blade and is compatible with Ceramic Edge blades. You can buy the extra sets of blades as part of additional accessories. An exciting feature of the Andis Excel Pro Dog Clipper is its break-resistant housing. You can work without the worry of breaking the valuable professional tool.

The device will serve the purpose of a pet owner in need of versatility when grooming. You and your pet will have an opportunity to enjoy the services of a corded and a detachable dog clipper.


  • The outer construction is made of a non-slip and is break-resistant
  • The Ultra-Edge blade is useful because it retains its sharpness levels
  • Detachable blades are replaceable and easy to clean
  • The silence of the machine makes it a dog-friendly tool
  • Incurs low maintenance cost


  • The device gets hotter quickly during operation

The Ultimate Buying Guide

As the dog owner, you need to have a clear view of the type of clipper you are looking for. The best clipper goes beyond getting the best cut but something that works for you and the dog.

Observe the following features that are common in the world of clippers.

Compare clippers using their speed per minute. Speed determines how easy or difficult it will be to cut through heavy coats. The cost-effective And is Dog Clippers must be among any of these two-speed categories:

  • Single Speed Clippers: This is a good choice for first-time users. They do not heat up too fast.
  • Variable Speed Clippers: These advanced clippers offer so much versatility. They are for groomers who desire to give their dogs a perfect final look.

Other features that should help you in getting the perfect Andis dog clippers include;

Speed and Power 

The experience of cutting through a course or matted dog, your choice of clipper should be smooth in its operations. This feature is identifiable by looking at the values next to the words rotations per minute (RPM).

A good clipper must have more power and rotates at very high speeds every minute. Note that the higher the rotation speed, a lot of noise comes from the clipper. Be careful when using a high-speed clipper because of the heat it generates, which will make your pet uncomfortable. Get the right balance between power, noise, and speed to counter such an issue.

Choose one that fits the purpose of the work. It is a good idea to buy two products operating at different speeds so that you adjust according to the task. Precision work requires low-speed Andis clippers.

Vibrations, Noise, and Heat 

The motor rotating to move the blades is responsible for noise, vibrations, and heat. For a dog clipper to cut through the most hardened coat, you must consider heating of the blades, increasing vibrations, and the noise levels will go higher.

Choose a dog clipper that can navigate the texture of your pet’s coat and should cut smoothly without overheating.

Size and Weight 

These two features make a huge difference between dog clippers. The Andis clippers have an ergonomic design that fits your hand and enables working for long hours.

Choose a light and compact clipper that makes working around the dog’s surface manageable. If your grooming session involves many dogs, the lightweight clipper is a priority.

Corded and Non-Corded 

Most pet groomers have a bias towards the cordless dog clipper for its convenience and ease of use. However, charging the battery pack will be the most annoying thing if you have one and grooming many dogs.

The cordless clippers are slow, meaning you must be having an animal whose coat is supple. Look at your personal preferences and prevailing situation before making the final buying call.

Look at the Clipper Blades 

Look for clipper blades made from alloys and laser technology. Ensure that when you buy a blade separately, it will fit the Andis dog clippers perfectly. This point highlights the fact why you need to purchase accessories from the shop where you bought your clipper or from the manufacturer site.

You can try the ceramic blades despite the fact of them being costly. Ceramic blades do not conduct heat, meaning they are suitable for long grooming hours.

Get the Recommended Oils 

To maintain the sharpness of your Andis dog clippers, regularly oil, and maintain them. Uneven blades miss many hairs and, in some cases, cause some cuts. Before getting the oil, make sure that it is the recommended choice.


Getting an even trim is because you chose the best combs that blend with your clipper. All clipper heads and blades should allow the comb to fit in snugly and securely.

The Cost 

What you buy must match with the pocket says. That is not to say you get cheaper clippers, which will disappoint you by overheating. Get a clipper that will manage the work at hand and save you money in repairs.

Why Use Andis Clippers?

Apart from being giants in the industry, they have decades of experience in the making of grooming and clipping tools. The engineers ergonomically worked on the clippers to allow user-friendliness, whereas all models are high performing tools.

Andis produces clipper brands for every dog breed, and they sell them in two categories, i.e., the professional brand and the basic model.

Types of Clippers from Andis

Andis produces detachable and adjustable blade products. The cutters on the flexible blade are versatile because the blade takes a wide range of depths. However, the range is not anywhere close to the detachable blade clipper.

The Andis detachable clippers serve a wide range of cutting depth and support a variety of blade sizes that are running on electric motors. The removable ones are suitable for almost any type of breed you have.

Dog Clippers (FAQ)

What is the cost of grooming a dog?

The size of your dog determines the cost. Small dogs will cost roughly $30 and the large ones up to $100. Do it on your own and look at how much you save

What is the frequency of grooming my dog?

The frequency of dog grooming largely depends on the length of the dog. A pet with long hair needs a bath at least every week and trimming to take place every two weeks. Remember not to trim your dog’s coat in winter.

Can I trim a dog’s long hair?

A good groomer will know that it is advisable to use a scissor to make the hair manageable to the Andis dog clipper.

Do I need special skills to groom my dog?

No, look for DIY videos on the internet or get something about dog grooming and read.

What is the best dog clipper for thick dog hair?

The corded options are powerful, and that is what professional groomers use when working.

Wrap up

Andis is a popular brand in the market, and they produce the best dog clippers. These products are affordable and offer a wide range of machines that can work for specific purposes.

If you are struggling to find the best Andis dog clippers, look at the listing we have for you as a great place to start. Read the reviews carefully to make sure that the clipper of choice match your grooming needs.

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