Are Cheerios Good for Dogs?

Millions of human beings around the world feed on cheerios in the morning for breakfast. These types of cereals are crunchy, have great taste, and low sugar content. They are filling, and that is why most people grab them the first thing they wake up. If you want to give some to your dog or have been doing so and want to know whether it’s a good choice, you are in the right place.

The simple answer is cheerios aren’t so cherry for your dog. However, feeding your dog with cheerios won’t kill them. They fill the dog’s stomach very fast, just like the case with human beings. But what makes them not a good option for dogs is that they give the dog no nutritional value. They are only fillers. Let’s see if they are safe for dogs.

Are Cheerios Good for Dogs

Are Cheerios Safe for Dogs

The flavor in cheerios you give to your dog is what determines whether they are safe or not. Originally, the honey nut was the only favor in cheerios, but today the manufacturer has included other flavors like chocolate, fruit, and yogurt.

If you are feeding your little puppy with the honey nut flavor, it is okay. However, that does not suggest you give them a full bowl of cereal. You can only give them a few for treats and not every day. But before you feed your dog with these cereals, make sure they do not contain almonds because stomachs of dogs do not break down these nuts well. Almond ingestion can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Moreover, if you are a fun of frosts on cheerios, do not try it on dogs. Frosts are high in sugar, and this can mess up with your dog’s stomach. So give the dog plain cheerios if you choose to.

Cheerios coated with chocolate are not safe for your dog. This refers to all types of chocolate. Mainly if your dog is still a puppy, chocolates are toxic. They contain methylamine, which causes hyperactivity, seizures, panting, excessive urination and thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, and possible death. Avoid them if you do not want your dog to have pretty nasty bowel movements.

In short, the safe cheerios to give to your dog are the plainest possible. Ingredients of any kind are likely to cause drama in your dog’s stomach.

Do Dogs Benefit Nutritionally from Cheerios

As earlier stated, dogs get no benefit from consuming cheerios. Only their stomach gets filled up. While the heart benefits a lot from cheerios according to the American Heart Association, this mainly refers to people and not animals. However, some veterinary doctors recommend substituting commercial dog treats for cheerios if your dog is obese.

The flavor in cheerios makes the dog think they are feeding on the best treat while in the real sense, they rarely get any calories from them. This is appropriate if your dog is on a mission to lose weight.

In training puppies, cheerios are also useful because they have a bland flavor that won’t make them refuse to eat dog food. Highly favored treats can make dogs set themselves only on eating treats.


Cheerios should only make up 10% of your dog’s daily intake. They should always be a snack if you want to give them as treats to your dog. The remaining 90% of your dog’s daily intake should be dog food formulated to provide the dog with all the nutrients they require.

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Even if Cheerios aren’t that bad, especially if it’s a plain version, remember they are carbs. Too much of them will make the dog refuse to eat the next time you give them their food. So make sure you stick to the minimum 10% of a dog’s daily ingestion. These cereals are meant to be consumed by human beings and not dogs.

In case you fed your dog with chocolate-flavored cheerios or nut-filled cheerios and got an upset stomach, you can contact a vet. But next time, be careful what you feed your dog. Hopefully, the information given in this article will help you decide whether to feed your dog with cheerios or not and if you choose to, what type and quantity should you.

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