About Us

Welcome to PawPoz. We are America’s number 1 reliable pet products reviews and how-to guide platform.

With times changing fast, we fully understand just how difficult it is to find reliable information about various pet products available out there.

Granted, there are dozens of websites out there claiming to be honest and forthright but the truth is that it takes more than that to help consumers make informed choices.

We feel your pain, and that is why we have taken it upon ourselves to do whatever it takes to provide honest, reliable and well-researched content.

To do this, we sample expert opinions including from vets, animal behaviorists, and product developers. Besides that, we go a step further by interviewing pet owners to gather their experiences.

This way, we are able to compile meaningful reviews and guides – all designed to help you get better value for your money.

The Scope of our Reviews

Some of the products we review include:

  • Dog collars
  • Shampoos
  • Dog Beds
  • Kennels
  • Strollers and walkers

To ensure that we only give you honest and unbiased reviews, we do test-drive a majority of the products that we recommend. And the best part is that we make recommendations based on factual and independent research (we do not entertain sponsored posts).

This way, we are able to guarantee you of finding products that match your dog’s personality.

And Our Team?

Before posting anything, we ensure to get valuable insight from our trusted team of pet researchers. We also have a reliable bunch of editors who ensure that the message is delivered in the most basic and effective way possible for you to grasp the details with ease.

We are confident that you’ll find this platform valuable to you. But if in case you have any queries about who we are and why we do this, feel free to holla at us today.